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Facebook has been banking on mobile video, and with good reason. Research shows that people associate mobile videos with positive emotions. That makes video ads a great way to build brand awareness through storytelling. Carousel ads showcase between two and 10 images or videos that people can swipe through. This format is ideal if you have multiple products, features, or different points you want to advertise. The low-cost, lightweight format is a good way to catch attention with customers in low-bandwidth environments.

Remember Canvas ads? Facebook instant experience ads are basically Canvas 2. The mobile-friendly, full-screen format allows brands to create immersive narratives and shoppable in-app experiences. A lead ad uses an image, video, or carousel, followed by a CTA that leads to a form where businesses can collect a variety of information from interested users.

Weekly Ad | Gerrity's Grocery Store

Bookmark this page and come check it often! AdEspresso list of Facebook Ads Examples to inspire you will be constantly updated! Download now. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. As organic reach declines , knowing how to create effective Facebook ads is more important than ever.

Find out what works for other brands before creating your own. Browse this collection of some of the best Facebook ads to get started. In just 21 words, Airtable describes its major value proposition a platform for designing flexible editorial workflows and engages viewers with a question.

Eye-catching image. This friendly, sleepy dog has nothing to do with the software for sale, but it makes me curious. I might even click on it. Effective landing page. This is a tried-and-true online marketing strategy that even the most beginner brands can make use of. A classic copywriting trick is to describe the benefits of your product rather than the features. ClassPass puts the benefit of their product upfront: not having to commit to one type of exercise. Clear call-to-action CTA. People need to know what action you want them to take next. Text Overlay.

Black Friday 2017: Best Buy releases ad with 50 pages of deals

With the right graphic design, this can be an effective strategy. Approximately 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Short and sweet. Attention spans are short online, and when it comes to video, advertisers have under two seconds to capture attention.

Site Selections: Account Login, Store Selection, Cart Information

Simple messaging. In addition to keeping the video brief, the message in the video is clear: Subscribe to Headspace. Sometimes a direct call-to-action is all you need. The logo and signature style says The New Yorker all the way through. Inclusive illustrations.

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In addition to being playful and clever, the series of characters in the video reflect a broad array of potential New Yorker readers. For added inclusivity, the video is also sound-free. Coupons tag each product with an unmistakable discount label, guaranteeing visibility on every page and granting customers a discount of your choice.

In addition, the bright orange coupon labels also decorate your Sponsored Products ads, so you can make your discounted product even more conspicuous if you promote it. Good to know for Prime Day: A coupon will only become active two days after you created it — at the earliest. Set a reminder for the beginning of July. Prime day is not a magic bullet that will save these shelf warmers. Instead, focus on optimizing and promoting your well-performing products.

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They will receive much more visibility and sell better, thus increasing your ROI and improving your sales rank on Amazon. Only for Vendors. Check if your titles, bullets, images, and descriptions are up to date — vendors in particular encounter changes without approval on a regular basis.

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  • Benefits for Sellers & Vendors — Is Prime Day Really Worth It?.

As a Seller, you will find a similar tool to optimize and track your keyword rankings in the Seller Edition. Want to see the impact an optimized listing can have on Prime Day? Try out Sellics for two weeks. Of course you care about customer feedback — make sure that everyone sees it. Manage negative reviews and answer any open questions. Amazon has apparently not released this feature to all users yet. Let us know how it went! Use Amazon Advertising, especially Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, to drive as much traffic as possible to your discounted products and deals on Prime Day.

Consider setting your bidding strategy to Up and Down. Amazon will increase your new default bid if a click is likely to convert. Have you researched better keywords? Added negative keywords? Spotted keywords without impressions that you need to activate on your listing? This is a very effective strategy because you can design a distinct Prime Day landing page and tailor your brand store to highlight your Prime Day specials. As a bonus, you can easily share the brand store in your external outreach campaign via social media and email. Please note: This strategy is only for new products or those you have not advertised yet.

Please note: This strategy is only for experienced Prime Day advertisers. Go here to find out more about Ad Scheduling Dayparting with Sellics. On Prime Day, your campaign budgets might run dry quicker than expected. If you follow this guide, your sales will increase significantly on Prime Day — which can boost your Amazon bestseller rank BSR , causing increased sales to continue well into following weeks the so-called halo effect.

Your investment needs protection, and by stocking up on your best products, you show your customers the reliability of your brand. Last but not least, go the extra mile and tell everyone about your jaw-dropping deals: Use AmazonPrimeDay and a link to your deals in email blasts, social media posts, and paid traffic. Experience is a harsh but illuminative teacher. Now you know which parts of your Amazon business need improvement.

The most likely pitfalls will be your inventory replenishment, using the right keywords to reach your target impressions, and optimized content to convert all that extra traffic into buying customers.