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Brett T. Evans — Aug 8, Diesel Power Diesel Power Magazine. Chris Tobin — Aug 7, After swinging the freshly built short-block into the engine bay we quickly set to work installing the Fleece Performance Cheetah turbocharger, Freedom Racing Engines rebuilt heads, ARP head studs, Merchant Automotive heavy-duty chromoly push rods,.

Jason Gonderman — Aug 6, Diesel Power features. Particulate Matters- Eurodiesels Once again, Particulate Matters comes to you by way of a plane flight.

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Jones — Aug 6, Diesel Power Challenge Competitor Billy Hartzell - DPC Although Billy Hartzell of Moon Township, Pennsylvania, was born into a motorsports family, he is something of a rebel in that his passion lies in oil-burning monsters—not high-performance gassers like the rest of his kin. Evans — Jul 25, John Lehenbauer — Jul 24, Jones — Jul 23, Evans — Jul 22, With a degree in automotive applied science from Texas State Technical College , Chris spent 12 years working as a. Jones — Jul 17, Evans — Jul 15, Jones — Jul 12, As so far, we have50 Rudy's Diesel Coupons for August Try the codes and deals for more savings.

Rudy's is the industry leader in diesel and gas It was founded by Renzo Rosso in the late s with a unique combination of one-third Italian creativity, one-third American marketing, one-third German systems, and one hundred percent denim. What is today's top offer for Rudy's Diesel? Find the offer, click on it and follow the link to the offer page at rudysdiesel.

All Xtreme Diesel Coupons Curated By:

Popular Stores. Rudys coupon codes and deals give you the best possible prices when shop at rudysbbq. As so far, we have50 Rudy's Diesel Coupons for July Check out some of the most active rudy's diesel coupon code s, popular sales, and killer deals August Craig talks about his beautiful LLY too! Be sure to follow our podcast throughout the weekend …. Paul and Chris talk to Sammy, from CW Wraps, about the process of wrapping a truck and how the weather can complicate the whole thing immensely. Chris chats with Ric Newbury from Exergy Performance, the best company for aftermarket fuel upgrades.

They discuss their truck and give us a sound bite. Listen to their UCC experience! The man from up north stops by the booth to discuss UCC ! Chris catches up with Maryland Diesel Performance truck driver Johnny Haslep before he sends the truck down the track! Chris chats with Kaje about how much the DPC has changed, what we can see at this year's event, and all the great things going on at this year's Ultimate Callout Challenge!

Chris and Paul discuss what you can expect to see from the vendors and competitors at the UCC. Be sure to check Duramaxtuner and Calibrated Power …. Chris and Paul get the details in full on this episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast. Chris Searle talks with the boys on everything you can ….

Paul and Chris discuss how UCC competitor Tony Burkhard is looking towards the competition with less than a month to go. They discuss various …. They discuss what his plans are to take home the …. He tells us about how he uses the truck and ….

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They go over a …. They walk you through his the shop, clean room, and L5P developments. This a good …. He discusses with the guys wins, why he chooses Cummins trucks when racing, and many …. Paul and Chris talk sits down with one of the top competitors in the diesel world, Derek Rose, to discuss the upcoming UCC event.

Derek takes us …. Paul sits down with the president of Diesel, Mike Anagnostou to discuss the diesel world up north in Alaska. They also discuss Diesel's …. Matt talks about what is going down with …. Special shout out to our sponsors: …. Joe Hager recently joined our team at DuramaxTuner. Brandon Chumbley sorry we butchered your name in the broadcast is a CAT employee, student and diesel performance enthusiast.

For his speech class …. Nick Preignitz of DuramaxTuner. JD has competed at Diesel Power …. The guys also …. UCC's Chris Searle describes a few changes for next year's event that may get you pretty excited.

Xdp Diesel Coupon Codes - Iams Dog Food Coupons 5

It looks like a jeep - but it isn't. Mahindra USA's Ruxor is a two-seater at the moment cross between a jeep and a two-by-two, but with a 2. The India based company has some big plans here in the …. This ain't your ordinary AM General. The build features a Stealth …. All week we've made a deep dive on several episodes, talking about the next generation Duramax.

In this episode, we continue diving. Gale Banks talks …. The Godfather of Diesel knows the L5P because he's been working with it for several years, long before the recent …. Back …. L5P Week continues with the episode where diesel legend Gale Banks describes the redesign of the Duramax 6. It gets pretty technical but it's worth it because you're listening to the future of diesel …. In this episode, Gale Banks explains why the L5P is his "go-to" engine for military applications. Gale's history with diesel performance is legendary and for that reason, he deserves the recognition as the Godfather of Diesel.

In this episode - originally published on November 18, - Gale takes us back to the …. This week they discuss where to get …. Starting from …. Tyler Franzen of DuramaxTuner. This LBZ …. The conversation underscores what we've all known and appreciated about diesel performance. What goes into the decision making when buying a new turbo - or upgrading the turbo in your truck with a new compressor wheel and cover? It's the least expensive route, but may not necessarily be the best way to go. Not only is Paul's ride a diesel - it's got a common rail with compound turbos.

This episode walks you through what it was like …. Then we hear from a …. It may look easy - but it's not. Special thanks to Diesel Power Magazine: …. The drag racing event kicks off at the Diesel Power Challenge. The event features quite a few drivers who say drag racing is what they do best. Paul …. The trailer races are no exception …. Paul concludes the DYNO event with another series of interviews and play-by-play action.

He also points out some of the unique conditions the drivers …. It turns out the fuel consumption portion of the Diesel Power Challenge is really, really tough on the trucks. So tough that some competitors do not …. In the first of several episodes this week, Paul talks to most of the …. Although recorded before the Ultimate Callout Challenge , competitor Josh Gruis goes over his truck build and outlines his goals for the upcoming …. When this podcast was recorded - just seven days before the Ultimate Callout Challenge - Frank Kuperman admitted his truck wasn't ready. But no one else was either.

Shawn Baca continues to push the envelope in diesel performance. In this episode, he gets into the details behind his latest effort with Chris and …. But he may be a qualifier in the future. Josh Gruis goes into detail what happened with his truck yesterday and describes his strategy through the rest of the weekend.

Paul and Chris wrap up the first day of the UCC when a little drama on the track caught their attention. Paul and Chris talk to him and his wife Trista about it. Then we learn …. Jordan Molenaar says he's brought a knife to a gunfight. With his F, Jordan says he's ready to win big in the sled pull competition, and …. The Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans get back on their feet after serving in areas of conflict, like Iraq and Afghanistan. Jaran Holder explains why he's not participating in this year's UCC.

It's expensive, time consuming and his truck is different now. In this podcast, Paul, Chris, and …. Ryan Phaff knows the drill - finish all three events: sled pull, drag race, and dyno without breaking. That's what he hopes to do as a qualifier for ….

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How did he make the decision to go? Tony is known as a sled puller, so what's …. Trevor Peterson took a year to transform his stock Cummins from mild to absolute, freakin' wild with triple turbos and everything else in just one …. Lavon Miller stands at the top of the diesel performance world with two consecutive wins at the Ultimate Callout Challenge - and three wins at the Diesel Power Challenge.

While we would have interviewed him anyway, …. John Schirado joins the podcast to talk about his participation in the Ultimate Callout Challenge as a qualifier. John knows quite a bit about drag racing in his diesel and that means he's learned quite a bit the …. The Stealth turbo appeared on the market just a few years ago.

Since then it has won praise for its drop-in, bolt-on ease of installation, great …. Epp is a qualifier at this year's event, …. It turns out PDD lost its on a …. The Ultimate Callout Challenge is 90 days away! Like many of the participants, …. Eric Merchant joins the podcast to talk about his entry in the Ultimate Callout Challenge. Like many of this year's competitors, the goal is to just finish the three events. The road to is unlike last year - ….

Where does a diesel enthusiast go for the latest, greatest gathering of diesel stuff - the DPI Expo! The Expo returns to Indianapolis, Indiana Lucas …. The event kicks off between Sunday, June 3rd ….

Diesel Power Challenge 2018 - Part 1 – Introduction and Dyno

The UCC returns to Indianapolis, …. We empty our Facebook In-Box in this episode. Paul and Chris appreciate the message and apologize for not responding sooner. So in this episode, they …. The goal is to build a HP LBZ with 10K that meets a bunch of goals like driveability, completeness, reliability, towing, and potential for long-term dependability. There may be a few other things tossed into the …. In this episode, recorded last …. Mike McHughes of Xi Diesel answers the question about why the military uses the 6.

The Ford 6R is impressive with its smooth shifts, durability, and dependability. Paul and Chris jump into Bret Kehl's race truck and go for a ride. It's a great build story - the truck races in the nines and is also a daily …. Log into Craigslist - time for another budget build episode on the Diesel Performance Podcast. Wade McGinnis of Thoroughbred Diesel competes against …. The conversion project took more time than he liked but it was a conversion project - ….

Ford tuning presented challenges like every other platform tuned on the common rail diesel engine. So what does that mean for the truck owner? Manfred Schreyer tells what happened when a diesel forum pissed him off - he became a troll and made a lot of money. It's a story with a happy ending …. Bryce Mulvey explains how forged pistons make big horsepower builds possible - 1, and up - and that's what the industry needs. The day is coming ….

This is a podcast of unusual diesel performance stories. First is how Jared Delekta got hired by Industrial Injection. The second is how I-J's incredible triple turbo came to be. It started as a joke. In this …. The H1 Hummer needed a new head gasket for its factory 6. Two popular truck worlds converge in this episode of the Diesel Performance Podcast. One of the more popular diesel conversions around is the Duraburb. A Suburban, Tahoe, or Escalade with a Duramax engine.

XDP St. Patrick's Day Sale and Rebates

Duraburb is a Florida …. The Chevy C looks the part - rust mixed with a turquoise green, regular cab. Under the hood and on the ground is a different story. The old …. The company offers the harnesses and other components to install Cummins mechanical and common rail …. Paul and Chris kick off a month of podcasts about one of the more popular topics in diesel performance - conversions!

In this episode, the guys jump …. Meet Bill - he just bought a Cummins and needs advice. No problem. We've got two guys willing to help. In this episode, Paul and Chris go …. Anthony joins the podcast to talk about drag racing and the up and down experience as a participant in the Ultimate Callout Challenge. Anthony describes the build and how busy it is to be a top racer in diesel ….

Paul and Chris welcome YouTuber Greg Alberalla joins the podcast to talk about his amazing channel and passion for Cummins. It all started with his …. The Diesel Performance Podcast goes on the road. How did he do it with a …. It's an amazing story of an year-old with a …. In a rowdy interview, McCoy Black recounts what happened to his '95 12V after killing it on the DYNO with 1, horsepower before blowing a head gasket in the quarter-mile event.

Mike Bunkelman drives a Dodge single rear wheel - a truck he says is a daily driver compared to those he's competing against. But that's ok, according to Mike. He's just thrilled to have been voted into the …. Rich Strube lives about 20 minutes from New York City.