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In the days that followed, she noticed her eye was drooping and her pupils were different sizes and was rushed to the hospital by her husband. There was no way that someone my age, in my health, could have had a stroke. But he responded to our laughter in a solemn silence and his face said it all.

A CT angiography scan, which focuses specifically on the blood vessels, revealed that Leigh had torn her right carotid artery, which allegedly sent a blood clot to her brain and caused the stroke. She said the trauma of the tear also caused a small aneurysm to develop.

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A carotid tear is typically the result of a neck injury such as a car accident, or extreme neck rotation or extension. Physical activities such as skating, swimming, dancing, yoga, giving birth or even sneezing are some of the ways in which a tear can occur. A tear typically causes headache, eye pain, scalp pain, neck pain, a droopy eyelid and small pupil, weakness or numbness on one side of the body, pulsing in the ear, trouble swallowing and several other issues, according to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies & Sites 12222

Patients who suffer a stroke after a tear are typically prescribed medication to prevent clotting and other issues, and may even require surgery. Leigh told SWNS she spent the next several weeks in constant pain and had to avoid light. She slowly regained strength and made her way back to the yoga mat, starting with a lotus pose to focus on breathing. She said while the tear eventually healed, she still lives with ramifications and with the fear that another stroke could strike at any moment.

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    7 Best Holi Offer images in | Car loans, Holi, Period

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    We realize that trust is earned — not given. At NCM Online we have and will continue to work very hard to gain and maintain the trust of our visitors. Before our first review was written, we decided to provide facts instead of opinion whenever and wherever possible. The system we designed to rate and rank moderately-priced and cheap top 10 web hosting services relies on evaluations of 10 different criteria: price, ease-of-use, disk space, bandwidth, page-load speed, uptime percentage, support, BBB rating, money-back guarantee, and satisfaction.

    Eight of the 10 are fact-based, while only two ease-of use and satisfaction rely on opinion.

    50% Off HSN Coupons & Promo Codes 12222 + 5% Cash Back

    Further, we decided to make the entire process completely transparent to our visitors by publishing our entire methodology. We also decided to utilize the services of an independent third-party testing firm — Dotcom Monitor — to monitor and record the uptime percentage and page-load speed test data. We believe that the results of our methodology combined with third-party testing allow us to publish fact-based web hosting reviews that are largely free of bias.

    But ultimately, what we believe is of little consequence. We leave it to you, the visitor, to judge the success of our efforts. Should you have questions or comments concerning our web hosting top 10 ratings or ranking methodology, please visit our Contact page.

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