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Mystic Menthol. Belgian Cocoa. Black Calico. Wild Watermelon. Grape Vape. Backwoods Blueberry. Cryptic Blast. Nutty Caramel. Tropical Paradox. Cobalt Crush. Fuzzy Summer. Halo Reactor. Halo Reactor Shorty. Halo Reactor Mini. Halo Reactor Mega. Thanks for showing some love to the hardware Halo provides.

They may not be the kind of products that experienced vapers like to use, but that does not make them bad. They are just aimed at a specific market of people. People who just want to quit smoking and use a great easy and reliable vape should look no further. These guys sold me my first e cig and it helped me quit smoking. I love these guys. Just got myself a nice discount with the Halo coupon code you posted at the top of this page. Thanks for the coupon code.

Great and full Halo Cigs review guys, thanks very much for putting this together. I can totally add my glowing recommendation to this article. These guys have been around since the start of vaping and always deliver top notch customer service. Although to my disappointment when I received the order I had been sent a flavor that I did not order in place of one that I wanted.

So I sent them a quick email, I was rather unhappy. Within 12 hours I received a reply that profusely apologized for sending me the wrong e liquid and told me to keep it and they would priority ship me a replacement bottle the same day. The next day I woke up to the mailman on my doorstep with my replacement bottle. An amazing company that really cares about their customers.

Discount code still working. The throat hit emerges only moments later and leaves vapers feeling satisfied. Bottles sizes range from 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, and ml. The last three options cost a little more than the 15ml option. Black Note Prelude promises an authentic taste and is said to be one of the best tobacco e-liquids on the market. Overall, the flavor is quite subtle with a dash of smokiness. It remains true to tobacco but with a bit of added sweetness that gives it its unique taste. The tobacco leaves are said to be naturally sweet hence the sweetness in the flavor.

It is available in a 30ml bottle that weighs only 3. However, it contains nicotine. Virginia Tobacco Prelude by Black Note has a sense of authenticity which is its biggest strength. Blood Orange Lemonade is a citrus delight that stings and sweetens. The nicotine-salt e-juice from Mr. Salts E-Liquid tinges every vape with summery notes. From the first pull, vapers will feel a subtle taste of fresh-cut lemons or peeled tangerines.

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On the exhale, the vapor cloud around them will fill the air with that unmistakable, tangy aroma. Blood Orange Lemonade has all the characteristics of a summer-time treat to beat the heat. Vapers can choose this nicotine-salt e-juice for their closed-system, pod mod devices. It comes in two nicotine strengths, 25mg and 45mg. There is only one bottle size option, which is 30ml.

Reviewed: Halo Cigs

These high-flying e-juices are all formulated to sends clouds soaring into the sky. There are a total of seven flavors to choose from.

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None of the e-juices are one-note, one-flavor e-juices. They all combine the best Mig Vapor has to offer from its other product lines. Vapers will notice the rich, satisfying creaminess of cheesecake, at first. Then, stronger flavors of cherries and raspberries. There is only one bottle size available, 30ml. Diacetyl is a harmful chemical when heated. E-juice makers have started making diacetyl-free e-juices. None of them have done a better job than VaporFi.

VaporFi has too many flavor categories to list here. They also have a DIY e-juice tool that lets users pick and blend their favorite flavors. With over 30, 30,! Nicotine strengths are also wide-ranging. They go from no-nicotine to 2. Taffy is far from the first flavor vapers will notice when they summon clouds from their devices. From the first pull, vapers will relive all the enjoyable moments had in candy stores. They will feel a rainbow of flavor overwhelm them. The primary characteristics are hard to miss. Vapers will notice the burst of oranges, and zestiness of lemons and limes.

Others may notice first the pinch of ripe blueberry. In the end, everyone will discover the full flavor profile of Taffy. Taffy Round Candy is available in various nicotine strengths 0mg to 24mg. The new premium flavor from this line is Catch Ya Latte, a multi-layered e-juice for coffee-lovers. The e-juice is perfect for sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the morning, or after a meal.

The inhale fills the mouth with a strong, French roasted aroma and flavor. But mid-way through the inhale, new flavors emerge. Together with the fresh-roasted coffee flavor, notes of hazelnut start to shine through. The exhale reinvigorates with a strong finish of creamy milk and caramel. Churrios is from the Milkman, who specializes in decadent, dessert-based e-juices.

This concoction blends familiar, much-loved flavors. Vapers will, at first, taste churros, which are sticks of fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. On the inhale, the cinnamon comes on strong but dissipates. It then gives way to the sugary, almost-caramel notes behind the inhale. From then on, the sugary waves of vapor do not stop. The rush continues right up until the end.

The aftertaste of cold milk and Honey-Nut Cheerios is what vapers expect from a company called the Milkman. This juice comes in three nicotine strengths, 0mg, 3mg, to 6mg, in a Max-VG formula, and a 60ml bottle. The Glazed Donut e-juice from VaporFi is a comfort vape. It combines all the comforting relish of biting into a freshly baked donut, with a sugary glaze on top. From the first inhale, vapers will feel the doughy softness of a donut. Then the juice showers the taste bud with a storm of powdered sugar.

The only thing vapers need is a glass of chocolate milk for them to dunk donut pieces. The Glazed Donut e-juice comes in a wide variety of options. Sub-ohm vapers can choose a high-VG mix, with low nicotine content. Koi CBD oil offers over nine different flavor combinations. This e-juice is not for nicotine-lovers. There are many different sizes and CBD content available. Vapers can choose from flavors like blue raspberry and vanilla caramel custard. There are also several levels of CBD content on offer. Choose from a mg, mg, mg, and a mg option. They work well with user-friendly devices, and they mix well with other e-juices.

The Sweet Tea e-juice from Mig Vapor is one-of-a-kind. Mig Vapor has made coffee, liquor, and fruit juice e-juices, but never a tea-based one. The first vape should be like the first sip of a freshly-brewed pot of sweet tea. Vapers should take it slow. That way they can appreciate all the subtle hints of herbs, leaves, and tea. Traditional tea-brewing methods apply to e-juices as well. Mig Vapor steeps their juices for as long as needed before they are perfect.

The Sweet Tea e-juice is an ideal alternative to coffee or sugary mixes. If this is your first search for the best vape juice, we want to help you out. We have recommended the best e-liquids based on testing, reviews, and feedback. We will start with a few of the common terms and definitions:. All of this VG, PG stuff can be confusing at first. The vapor and satisfaction are important, but the enjoyment is all about the flavor. One of the first things to consider when buying e-liquid is the flavor.

The best vape juices deliver the best flavor. Fortunately, e-liquids come in almost any flavor you could think of: fruity, food, cocktails, and of course, tobacco blends. What goes in is what comes out. The best e-liquids are made with high-quality ingredients for maximum flavor and quality vaping. Here is what vape juice is made out of: Vegetable Glycerin — Commonly called VG, vegetable glycerin is a non-toxic colorless liquid made from vegetables and sugar. It is a thick, viscous liquid.

Besides e-juices, VG is found in a variety of food products and is safe to consume. Propylene glycol — Commonly called PG, it is a type of alcohol that is found in many foods and medicines, mainly to keep them moist. Also safe to consume. Since VG and PG are odorless and flavorless, it is the flavoring agents that make the e-juice taste the way it does. Nicotine — Not all e-liquids contain nicotine, but people that are trying to quit smoking like having nicotine in their e-juice to satisfy the craving. Generally, they try to wean off of it which is one reason there are 0 mg nicotine juices also available.

Then the rest is made up of the flavorings and nicotine if it is an ingredient. This blending is where the quality comes into play as not all e-juices are made with the same level of care. There can be many synthetic ingredients and even preservatives that affect flavor. What flavor is best is completely subjective and some may prefer blending own e-juice , but what is a constant across all the best e-juices is the fact that the ingredients are blended with flavor in mind.

Mass produced vape juices are generally not as good in the flavor department. Though nicotine does not have a flavor of its own, it does impact the flavor of an e-juice. Adding nicotine can dull the flavors of the juice or dilute them to a degree. A good brand understands this and is able to balance the need for nicotine with accurate flavors. An ex-smoker does need to take nicotine content into consideration and may be put off vaping if the taste is not what they imagine it should be. It may take some trial and error to find the right strength and the best tasting juice, but the idea is to not give up.

If a juice with high nicotine does not taste right, it just means it was not the right juice. Keep trying different juices to find the right balance of flavor and nicotine. Steeping a vape juice is essential in allowing all the flavors to settle in and find a way to work together. Many of the newest generation e-juices are allowed to steep before being put on the market.

These will be labeled as steeped and ready to vape right away. Others may indicate on the label when they will be ready and mature enough to vape. While labeling a vape juice as fresh sounds like a good thing, it generally will mean that it is not ready to be vaped right away. It may need to breathe in an opened bottle somewhere dark and cool for up to a few weeks. There are other faster ways to steep the juice, like placing a closed bottle in a ziplock bag and dunking it in hot water for 15 minutes or so. Either approach will work. Some e-juices that are geared towards connoisseurs can also come with a hefty price tag.

That does mean that all the best e-juices need to be expensive. Whatever the budget, there is always going to be a premium quality vape juice available that tastes great and vapes well. Cheap e-juices reveals the variety of affordable vape flavors. Quality assurance and using the best ingredients does not always end up costing more money.

Using high tech laboratories or employing flavorists does add to the expense of producing the juice which then gets passed on to the customer. Always try to find the best brands that work within a given budget and chances are that there will be a feeling that value was provided and it was worth the cost. One thing to look for in an e-liquid to understand if it is made with care is to look for any indication that it was made in an ISO laboratory or a room that is accredited by the International Organization of Standards. Not all the best vape juices need to be made in a facility like this, but when they are, it is a good sign of the quality and the fact that the brand cares about standards.

Brands that use a flavorist , or flavor chemist, also have a higher chance of being a pretty good juice. By engineering certain natural flavors and then mixing them, a flavorist can replicate many different flavor profiles to make a juice taste like a cheesecake, as an example. In addition, there are some juice companies that have people on their staff with a culinary education or background. This ensures that the juice mixes actually taste good and have the right balance.

The best vape juice should be consistent and balanced. Flavors should be accurate and taste as they are described. Examples of lesser quality juices are ones that leave an off taste or are artificial tasting. Nicotine is the substance found in tobacco that makes cigarettes addictive.

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E-liquids come in varying nicotine strengths. In other words, if you choose 1. Some companies prefer to list nicotine strength in milligrams. Instead of listing the nicotine value at 1. These are the same levels, just labeled differently. The higher the nicotine value, the more nicotine you will receive in each puff.

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To choose the right nicotine level , consider your current level of tobacco use. The average daily use of adult tobacco consumers varies. A typical tobacco consumer, for example, one who is at a pack per day, might find an 18 mg or 24 mg nicotine level satisfying. That could serve as a general baseline to compare in relative to your current level of tobacco consumption. This liquid is appropriate for vapers that have strategically and gradually reduced nicotine intake. Some of the new vape tanks and powerful mods can be vaped at well over watts.

That equates to massive vapor production. Because so much vapor is being inhaled, less nicotine is needed for satisfaction. Commonly used with mods vaped at 30 watts to 75 watts with atomizer resistances of 0. Cosmic Fog offers a 1. Probably the most common e-liquid nicotine level for first time vapers.

It is recommended for heavy, daily nicotine users. Best to use in PG blends. Not meant for lighter users. The 36 mg e-liquids should only be vaped in PG e-liquids with standard mods or cig-a-likes. This level of nicotine is found in the JUUL vapor device. Designed to be occasionally puffed and not for chain vaping. It may take a little trial and error to find the nicotine strength that best suits your personal preference. It is also important to consider how you vape. If, however, you prefer to take only a couple of puffs a day, you can consider a stronger e-liquid that will quickly satisfy your nicotine craving.

Getting the right nicotine strength is an integral part of finding your best vape juice. Too little nicotine might make you vape more to compensate, while too much may give you headaches. A good rule is to start with medium strength, then adjust accordingly. PG provides more flavor but produces less vapor. VG is more viscous and has a slightly sweet taste — thus muting the flavor somewhat — but producing massive clouds of vapor.

We have prepared a guide to PG vs. VG for those who want to dig deeper into the topic.

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Check out this page to learn more. A common VG to PG ratio is , and many users are satisfied with the flavor and the amount of vapor this mix produces. Some people may be allergic to PG. The sheer number of e-liquid mixing options can be overwhelming for any vaper, new or experienced. You may have to try a few different vape juice ratios and flavors to find your go-to vape. Try different blends and flavors to find your best e-juice. Not all e-liquids are made equal, with variations in flavor and nicotine strength occurring across different brands.

Nicotine strength can also vary between brands that advertise the same nicotine levels. When purchasing from a brick and mortar store, most offer testers for customers to try. Online stores, however, are a different story. You can choose varying levels of nicotine strengths as well when ordering to ensure you find the right combo for you. Part of the fun is trying new things. The best vape juice you ever had might be the next one that you try!

Just be sure to buy high-quality e-liquid from established and trusted manufacturers. The money you save on the cheap e-juice will end up costing you a lot more in the long run. All it takes is a little experimentation. The major concern with vape juice is a breakdown of the flavor with passage of time, tasting stale or changing flavor. If stored under extreme conditions such as extreme heat or direct sunlight, the flavor starts to change sooner.

Most vape juices have a shelf life of 2 years which is calculated based on the shelf life of the individual ingredients of the vape juice. Vegetable Glycerin VG has the highest shelf life of six years, but Propylene Glycol PG and Nicotine can maintain homeostasis for up to two years if stored in a cool and dry place. Three of the four key e-liquid ingredients are commonly used in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industry, and they have no established side-effects when used in a controlled manner.

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However, nicotine, the fourth element in vape juice, has a history of side effects. Even then, the side effects are less severe when vaping compared to when one smokes tobacco. Research suggests that vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco. However, vape juice that contains diacetyl is harmful. Dismantle the tank, remove the coil head and pour out any leftover ejuice. Wash the tank under running water until it is clean and allow it to dry.