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Do you want an eco-friendly luxury SUV? The Lexus RX Hybrid will reduce your carbon footprint and have you cruising right past the gas station on your daily drives. Finance a RX and you'll get a long list of features that range from standard Voice Command technology to available semi-aniline perforated leather-trimmed seats.

Add in RX interior features like the voice-activated Navigation System with the industry's first All other operation is fine. Not sure if it is the computer operation of the engine or the transmission. Wife prefers not to drive it at this point. Car is currently at the dealer being assessed. We own a GS F and have perfect operation of the transmission in all aspects. Four different people have driven this car and with no pre-briefing have complained about the transmission on take off. The eight- speed transmission in this car RX isn't as smooth as I expected.

Have the eight- speed transmission in my Lexus GS, and it operates much smoother in the same circumstance. Updated on Oct 14, First, the car came equipped with Bridgestone tires. They were awful! Loud, and the car's ride did not feel lux or what I know my previous two RXs drove like in the past. The dealer swapped out all tires with Michelins Premier.

The difference to me is noticeable. Much better with the Michelins. Softer and quieter ride now.

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Second issue is more complicated. The car vibrates and has a low-pitch drone sounding in low rpms when you're going from Idle to take off for instance. The car vibrates when you hit the gas pedal until it reaches speed or more rpms if this makes sense.

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It its not a smooth transition. It is really annoying and exhausting especially if you are driving in stop and go city traffic on a daily basis. Brought this up to the dealer, and they claim that they haven't heard of any TSB out there on this issue. However, there are message groups out there with many owners with the same complaint.

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I wish Lexus took the time to call owners or send surveys and provide a fix. Slight drone noise and vibration from idle at first. My RX h was significantly quieter. Will be nice to have the option to charge my iPhone wirelessly.

Woodfield Lexus Specials | Woodfield Lexus

Offer Apple CarPlay. I will totally trade my current new vehicle if it were offered in the UltraSonic Blue color that every F Sport car already comes in. Dec 2, The vehicle has a superb ride and attention to detail is like staying at a 5 star hotel. Safety of the driver and passengers is evident with the numerous safety features offered by the manufactuer.

With the extremely quiet cabin there is reliability with this vehicle that has been proven year after year. If you ever do need to repair something with this vehicle it is less expensive to repair than any of its luxury competitors. A lexus is designed to give you enjoyment and satisfaction years after your initial purchase.

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I have 2 new vehicles and my other vehicle radio and dashboard controls are a little more intuitive than the controls with the Lexus. Everything else with our Lexus is designed to provide a perfect driving experience. Oct 7, Positive Feedback: - Absolutely beautiful car! Appeal to the without forcing you into a GS price. Finding my car without nav and EVERY bell and whistle was tough Just because you offer a ton of features doesn't mean I want them included.

12222 Lexus RX Lease Deals and Prices

Try to keep it easy for Customers who want a beautiful comfortable base model with a few added features. Features can price you out of a consumers budget quickly Oct 14, I love my Lexus RX - but really dislike some features on the They deleted one cup holder in the front area; moved the phone buttons to the left side of the steering column and moved the opener for the back gate to a dark place on the left side.

However, the worse is Lexus discontinued the color Claret Mica - the prettiest color every made. Please bring back the claret mica color and move the back gate opener and the phone controls. Jun 5, Updated on Apr 30, Dealer installed options--running boards, towing receiver--installation process is poorly designed. Requires excessive removal of body components and takes too many tech hours.

You need to better train techs before fielding options and sales personnel. Cost to install boards and to install receiver. Options described on your web page months before available. Lexus advertised dealer installed options on their web site that were not available and cost a lot to have the dealer install--prices which were unavailable at the time of sale.

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Indicates lack of integrity or poor engineering of the options. Updated on Dec 2, It's a nice, quiet ride on freeways. I think the designers need to not design spaces for phones that are in style at the time they are designing.


The lane changing feature is not really effective. I didn't find many of the safety features quite fully developed enough to be very useful. Updated on Dec 16, Do not buy the navigation system , the remote start is nice but finicky, and should be standard not optional on a luxury brand. The vehicle is stylish, smooth, fast, and fun to drive, with lots of fun attributes, but a big nav display that rarely works is a big turn off.

The text integration from phone is useless when you cannot use voice to text to respond Updated on Dec 4, The vehicle is an all around greatly balanced with design , features , and space. The interior is well designed but does not include the latest technology and seems to lag behind competitors. The ride is very comfortable , and the car is safe and reliable. Why don't you sell directly to consumers like Tesla so I can order exactly what I want and get a better price because a middle man has been eliminated?

Lexus GX460 SUV Lease Deals Brooklyn, NY

Excellent vehicle in terms of styling , comfort , and looks. May 2, This is my 5th Lexus, bought all new in past. Sometime I feel like it is not shifting this lower gears on time.

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