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I hope this color palette will give you the peaceful feeling of gazing at a mountain vista and breathing deeply of fresh mountain air. Say hello to Napa, a color scheme inspired by beautiful California wine country. Up in the hills outside of San Fransisco, the warm breezes and the smell of grapes growing in the sun evoke the feeling of this color palette. Of course, we had to throw in a little nod to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge with that nice pop of color. Napa is the perfect place to unwind and slow down - something we all need reminding of in our hectic lives.

My hope for you is that when you see Napa in your planner, you'll take a breath and remember that slowing down from time to time is not only good, but necessary. Sedona :. Sedona is a picturesque town located in hills of Arizona. Surrounded by red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls, and pine forests, this town has an abundance of beautiful views. An oasis in the middle of a large desert area, you can imagine how the hues of the green plants and colorful flowers stand out.

Known for its spas, Sedona is a wonderful place to take respite from the everyday. When creating this color scheme, I wanted that feeling of "escaping it all" to come through, to help remind you that every day you can absolutely take a little time just for you.

Latest Happie Scrappie promo codes

We hope you love these color schemes as much as we do! Isn't it always a constant battle to keep the house organized when you've got the kids home? Yes, I could lock the doors and make them live outdoors for the summer they do have a playhouse after all but I think that might concern the neighbors. For my Burger Bar Party all I did was make slider sized burgers and had a bar of our favorite toppings so our guests could mix and match. Jan 27, Mar 13, We'd like to see many Enter Code at As before, we'll have a coupon in the GenCon coupon book.

Give your GM some tools to make your adventures more detailed! Or check them out for yourself. Sold by Inkwell Ideas and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available. Jun 25, Along with inspiration, the company offers students a special coupon booklet and the Official Student Guide, which Each card matches one of side of a die from the IP: Hostname: ms ISP: Switch Ltd.

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Hostname: DSSB Roll over image to zoom in. Inkwell Ideas Sep 27, My name is Leah and I am a planner junkie. Other than looking back on the previous year, finding the perfect planner for the new year is one of my favorite things Felix: It does. I got to go there and run for like two miles.

Sometimes it is really just making that first step that really gets you over that hump and then it becomes so much easier. Speaking of the gym I can give you a great example of how that worked for me. I really wanted to start working out and doing Pilates on a regular basis and I kept pushing it off. It was one of those things on my to do list I kept pushing back, pushing back, pushing back. By the end of that week he made me the appointment, I knew if I had an appointment to go in to do this Pilates training that I would go. Push me. Make me do this.

Hold me accountable. I really think that accountability partners which is why I think coaching works fabulously. Did you make sure that you got this done? Felix: For sure, definitely. Why do you think this aspect is so important? Because I think, before you answer, I think a lot of times store owners think about great customer service as getting new product, getting your customer the product on time. Tell us about this, I guess this realization, how did you know to do this? Tonya: Okay, first of all I used to be a teacher so educating other people really kind of lights my fire and gets me going.

I knew that I really wanted to make sure that when I gave people the tools that I gave them ideas for how they could make this work for them. I knew from the beginning that that was really important to me and I completely agree with you.

Boston Duck Tour Discount Codes & Coupons August 12222

Good customer service is all of those things. Which is one of the things that we have really worked hard to do is to create conversations between us and our customers. The first step in that is having setup videos for them to watch. We start by talking about figuring out your priorities and doing an assessment of how you feel about your goals and all of those things and then the following week we expand on that.

We knew that we wanted to do that right from the very beginning because I felt like that was one of the things that was really lacking. Not only do we offer the setup videos which we have six set of videos that come with it. Felix: Yeah, I think we sometimes think that the more new content, new product we throw in the face of our customers the more value we give them.

Whenever you throw something new at somebody it just adds another thing to their to do list but if you help them tackle their to do list. Help them tackle the product or use a product that they purchased from you, I think that goes a lot further and it takes away a lot of the guilt too. They believe in me as much as I believe in them which is so amazing. Felix: One thing that you mentioned in the pre-interview note about effective sales channels. I want to talk about lead magnets first.

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For the audience that might not know about it, tell us what are lead magnets? We do a lot of lead magnets, we do a lot of free downloads. Each month we offer a free download for your phone and for your desktop calendar. We do one of our most successful lead magnets actually was an organizational challenge. We run a four week organizational challenge in May where people could sign up and then we walk through how to organize different areas of their home. We had a daily email that went out, we had videos that go with it giving them ideas of how to organize and ways to do it.

Each activity was designed to take 30 minutes or less. Again, kind of taking into consideration that everybody is busy, everyone has a lot going on and with that lead magnet in particular we were hoping for maybe a couple thousand people to sign up. Our stretch goal was to have 5, people sign up and we ended up with 10, emails based off that organizational challenge. My mission is to help other people and help them feel empowered and organized.

The thing about that lead magnet is it was a great program that was free so people really enjoyed it but it really fulfilled my own personal mission statement of what I want the company to do. How do you even decide what kind of lead magnet you should create? Tonya: I think the most important thing with your lead magnet is it has to fit with your niche and your market. It has to be that connection so that when you are collecting these leads these are qualified leads.

It needs to have some sort of relationship fair. A lot of our lead magnets like that organizational challenge it fits that under that idea of organization. We have free packing list for when you go on vacation. A real easy thing to do is to create a free download or to create a top ten list or something like that that your customers are really going to benefit from.

Felix: Okay, do you just create this lead magnet and just wait for people to show up or like do you promote it? Tell us about how you promote the lead magnet? Tonya: Really, one of our best vehicles is Facebook advertising which if you know how to do your Facebook advertising right you can really hone it and target on very specific demographics.

What we do is Facebook ads are one of our biggest vehicles because we find that people are really willing to sign up as long as you have a good compelling copy, an eye catching headline, a good call to action. Really marketing and advertising is such an important part of growing your business.

What we did with that challenge is not only did we do Facebook advertising but we encourage people on this challenge to find an accountability partner then they were sharing it with other people. Get excited about it. Really word of mouth is really important and giving them the tools so that they can and that they will share the words with their friends. Felix: Yeah, I love that you use Facebook advertising not just to drive visitors or drive Facebook users to your site to buy something right away. What tends to work well for you? Tonya: I mean the challenge obviously works really well, we were really happy with that result.

We do a lot of free one page downloads.

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I get a lot of benefit out of that personally because that kind of what fills my heart personally. Do you find one of these platforms or one of these setups works the best for lead magnets? Do you like sticking with one I guess ad format versus the other? As I mentioned, my husband, my business partner, he has his MBA with the marketing specialization so we know a lot about marketing. Tonya: Probably more than most small businesses.

We find that the advertisements that we put in the news feed are by far the most beneficial because people are already looking there. Instagram is becoming easier to advertise on especially now that you can choose to do a business profile and all that. We really think that Facebook is working much better at this point. People on Instagram are not as primed to purchase or to give their email address the way that they are on Facebook for some reason. Felix: Makes sense. Do you find that one specific call to action works better than the other? That definitely works. Felix: Awesome. Tonya: We have a series of emails that we send out.

Up to 30% off inkWELL Press Promo Codes and Coupons | August

It kind of depends on which lead magnet that they have signed up for obviously. Like I said with the free packing list, the next email might have the beach vacation packing list and then I might have information about packing tips in the next email because I know these people are interested in travel. I think getting them into the habit of looking out, looking for your emails and being delighted when they see it is the key and that starts way before the subject line or the copy, It starts from the very beginning, the very first emails you send them.

Felix: For sure. Can you give us an idea of how successful the business is today? We launched in November of , we moved over Shopify because we needed more bandwidth in July of last year. Felix: Yeah, beautiful. Maybe you can close on this, I think one of things you mentioned that you do is that you speak at events with two entrepreneurs about creating systems and organizing their business for success. If you could maybe pinpoint one area that entrepreneurs should focus on to or maybe every entrepreneur should at least look towards to focus on, to organize or create systems.