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Add to Basket. Braybrooke Cambs, UK. Seems to work very well. I am powering an iPhone 6 and a dash cam. Both seem to charge and run efficiently with this charger. I've also noticed the charger body is much cooler than my last charger so I assume it is managing the power more efficiently maybe due to the QI circuit or better heat sinking. Very good price I have had chargers costing twice as much and not lasting long. Quick Charge 3. I have had a few of these USB chargers now in different cars and must say this one has a much better feel to it. Definitely a quality product. Works well although I haven't tested the charge times against my other ones.

Good price and speedy delivery. Works as charger but I get a hiss over audio , suspect the electronics basic and not supplying a clean 5v Works fine as a charger, just gives be some background noise if using my phone to supply audio input which is audible in quieter passages. Cheap and cheerful! Can't complain : Doesn't seem to fit all cars though - I've had hit and miss success on how well it fits into various car cigarette lighter sockets.

Anker 4. Usually dispatched within 2 to 3 days. Having used several different car chargers over the years I'm delighted to finally find one that can actually charge my phone swiftly, even when its being used for GPS, Bluetoothing to the stereo and streaming music over a Data connection. In my experience with other products they can't support the power demand and merely offset the phones drain. Not so with this charger, as it manages to not only meet, but exceed requirements allowing to charge not only my device Samsung Galaxy S4 but also my partners device simultaneously.

Accessing the phones power management screen during charging shows it registering the input supply as an AC supply, therefore charging more swiftly than a usual USB trickle charge. Highly recommended high quality product! The product fitted into and connected very easily with my car cigarette lighter port and the product managed to charge my iPhone very quickly with no issues at all.

My only fault was there was no spare fuse as described in the description. I had managed with an old car charger for my iPhone for too many years to mention. So glad I finally got round to buying this mini adaptor. It fits perfectly into my Audi 5 push drawer so is neatly stowed and out of sight. Other than that it does what it was designed for - charges my phone! Good price too and swift delivery. This is a neat car adopter port. I don't benefit from the blue led much as I use it in a charger port inside the central storage box.

But the blue led only lights when a USB device is plugged in. This makes it incredibly useful to know that the device is plugged in and getting power. More importantly, the charger is the first that is have used that actually charges my Pixel Xl while using Waze for navigation on long journeys miles or so. Previously, the in car charger I got free with something, only seems to trickle charge the Pixel CL resulting in no Navigation for some of my longer journeys or instant shut down when I switched the engine off.

I am very pleased with this USB charger. I got a no nonsense feeling when I used it as the Pixel Xl began charging instantly, unlike the free with something Only 8 left in stock.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a USB Car Charger

The product came really fast. The packaging was really neat,it came in a nice small box paded up so the the charger wouldn't get damaged. It fits well in my car and it works perfectly. Drop dead gorgeous but also highly effective? Another Dual car charger, and another model designed to sit flush inside the accessory port.

This one, we should point out, is a few bucks cheaper than the model we looked at above so there are a few bells and whistles missing from this model. There is no pretty, black painted aluminum face here, just regular old plastic. A lit port is easier to find in the dark, and stops you fumbling around like a pair of back seat teenagers.

Whilst it may not be as drop dead gorgeous as the model above, it is still a highly effective car charger. Again, we have a total output of 4. It also has some excellent built in safeguards against over charging and over heating whilst it also claims a very wide compatibility with a range of device manufacturers. RAVPower claim that this is the smallest USB charger on the market right now and, looking at the product, its kind of hard to disagree.

Frankly, we struggle to picture a charger that could be even smaller — it weights less than half an ounce for crying out loud! Aside from being small… ok, not even small but tiny… it is actually also a very well designed product with a number of impressive features. The main thing that does jump out is of course the dual 2. That in turn means that the charger can adapt the amp output to better match the device being charged — remember that not all devices are going to need those meaty 2. That in turn helps to make this a very efficient little charger, with an equally small price tag too.

The 3. That is a truly phenomenal level of power, and helps make this one of the quickest chargers out there — provided of course your phone is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge. The all-metal construction, in addition to looking great, also allows for superior heat dissipation too — a design choice that is a nod to the incredible power that will be flowing through this bad boy. This is our second entry from Ainope who have already impressed us with that very pretty model above. This product is also absolutely gorgeous, with a zinc alloy finish that is both scratch resistant and also looks great.

It is however very well worth having the charger be a little more bulky in order to accommodate that screen, because it is monitoring your car battery health.

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This model has you covered there too, with a very useful 4. After a big run of dual USB chargers, we blow them all out the water with this beast of a charger from Anker. That, by the way, is the first impressive sign, the fact this is an Anker car charger. That means you have a build quality you can trust. After all, when you have a device that it throwing out the power of this product, you need to know that a well constructed device is delivering power. Speaking of power, just take a look at those item specs.

Now, anyone with some math skills will have seen that 2. You are very unlikely to be charging 5 iPads or tablets at the same time. You could of course be charging up to 3 tablets and a pair of phones, still a phenomenal level of capacity.

Best budget car charger

Since it is such a large and complex device, and manufactured by such a reputable company, it does carry a relatively big price tag of over 20 bucks which is expensive compared to other, smaller chargers. Still, if you need a well made, high capacity USB charger then this should definitely be near the top of your list. The standout feature with this model has to be that highly impressive dual front piece with variable amp ports.

So as you see, the lower port is a 2. If you have a phone or device compatible with Qualcomm quick charge technology, that port can charge your device up to 4x times faster than a standard port. This really is a fast car charger, but it also has the built in safety features you would expect when that amount of power is in play.

We have built in protection from over charging, from over heating — the works. There is other tech at work here too, as the charger can also detect the model of phone you plug in, and adapt the power flow to suit it best. Yes, they are dual 2. Yes, they do have wide compatibility across a range of electrical devices. They are of a very durable and compact design too, and they contain built in safe guards against overcharging, against over heating and against current surges.

Not only is it a two pack, but it also has a total price of about 15 bucks, making this phenomenal good value. Lock up you daughters people, because this is a powerful tool. There are a range of eye catching features with this product, but naturally enough the one that is going to grab the attention first and foremost is the fact that it is packing no less than 4 ports.

That is a crazy power level, and this is a product that can tackle charging just about any electrical item that it comes up against. Further, its very well designed too.

How To Convert A USB Car Charger To A Lipo USB Charger

It also of course has all of the built in protections you would expect too. Not a worry with this product however, which has an iPhone charger cable built right into it — note this is a lighting style cable for newer models of iPhone. In addition to the cable though, the manufacturers have also added an extra USB to the design so that it can continue to function like a normal USB charger.

Both the cable and the USB port both kick out 2.

Top Selected Products and Reviews

This model is extremely similar to the model we looked at above from Vogel. It is packing a 9. It also has the built in safety features to protect against overheating, overcharging and all those other nasty things that can damage your electrical items. The only real difference comes in terms of the shape of each charger. The Vogel was a kind of futuristic gear stick looking device, with all the ports neatly laid in a vertical line. This model chooses to pair them, so it is a little shorter but also a little wider.

The Best USB Car Charger (Review & Buying Guide) in 12222

They are both very good chargers, packed with useful features. This is an interesting little design from AmazonBasics. In many ways, it mirrors the TrimDish model we looked at above. This model however is even more basic, missing out the additional USB port for a simple wired lighting power cord that connects directly to the base unit. Unless you exclusively wish to charge Apple products in your car, there may not be enough features and cross platform compatibility to recommend this as an everyday charger. Of course, if you do only wish to charge Apple products, this is a sure fire winner.

The best car chargers for 12222

On the other hand, remember what we said about the TrimDish product above, that the power cord was kind of the Achilles Heel of USB chargers? No Cord means No Charge? Bearing that in mind then, this product from AmazonBasics could be a very handy standby charger. Buy it — along with a more traditional design for everyday use — and pop this one in the glove box. And by plan ahead, we mean listen to our sage, Mr Miyagi style wisdom.

This is the second style of charger we have come across on our list where the two USB Ports serve separate functions. The top port contains the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. Again, if your phone is compatible and most modern models are it can plug into this port and be charged up to 4x times faster than when plugged into a standard USB.

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The second port is a standard USB kicking out 2. The product itself is small and light, and pretty unobtrusive — there are no bells and whistles here from a design point of view, just a well designed and constructed little device. One extra feature we like is the fact the ports light up. This is a useful feature on any charger as not only does it make them look really cool in our opinion at least , it makes them easier to use in low light conditions. Phew — glad you grabbed a drink now, huh? We realize that was a very long list, with a lot of information to take in. What are the most important features to bear in mind when you select your new car charger?

If only someone really cool and extremely handsome could make a list of them all…. Number of Ports. Take advantage of that by selecting at least a dual USB car charger as your everyday device. Light Up Ports. USB ports are tiny. You want to glance down, see exactly where the lit part is, and plug in. Plus they look really cool, did we mention that? Power is extremely important when it comes to these devices, however it is how that power is delivered that is the key — and that is measured in amps.

No device on this list delivers power at less than 2. Construction Material. USB chargers made of metal will usually cost a bit of a premium compared to models constructed entirely from plastic.

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