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  1. Amazon Fresh: Can This Grocery Delivery Service Save You Money?
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Prime subscribers do get a break on the price, though. Unlimited photo storage: Much like Google, Amazon Prime offers subscribers unlimited cloud storage for photos. For most people that means using the Amazon Drive app to upload pictures from phones and tablets, but there's also a desktop app for Windows and Mac that can archive photos from your hard drive. In addition, Prime Photos gives you 5GB of storage for documents and videos. The catch: This particular library offers a relatively small selection, so don't expect a lot of new titles or bestsellers.

However, the magazine selection -- which rotates fairly often -- can be decent. Amazon Prime affords you access to a variety of digital books and magazines, all included free with your subscription. And it's for keeps, too; you're not just borrowing the book. Free Audible channels: Amazon owns audiobook service Audible. Audible Channels is one of Prime's best-kept secrets -- a small selection of audiobooks available only to Prime members and available only for streaming; if you want to download one, you'll have to buy it.

But speaking of secrets, these books are sort of hidden: To find them, you need to venture into the Audible app on your phone, then tap the Channels icon and scroll all the way down until you see Audiobook Collections. Free PC games and extras: Hardcore gamers know all about Twitch , which lets users watch and share game videos.

Prime subscribers who link their Twitch and Prime accounts can get free games and in-game loot.

To access the former, you'll need the Twitch desktop client. Membership sharing: Do you share a household with another adult? Then you can take advantage of Amazon Households to share many of your Prime benefits with that person. Households also allows up to four teens ages to create their own profiles for shopping and streaming.

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Amazon Prime also lets you add premium video subscriptions -- HBO, Starz, Showtime and so on -- to your Prime Video viewing umbrella, though it's really just a convenience: You don't get any discounts compared with purchasing those subscriptions separately. That's an awful lot of Prime goodness. However, a smattering of Amazon services aren't included with your subscription -- and a few services have disappeared. For example, Amazon Restaurants, which offered GrubHub-like food delivery, was discontinued last month.

There's no more free 6-month Washington Post subscription, either. Here's a look at what costs extra -- and how much extra. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited: A subscription service designed expressly for ages 3 to 12, FreeTime Unlimited curates kid-friendly apps, e-books, games, movies, TV shows and other content. It's compatible with Kindles, Fire tablets and the Fire TV , and it includes parental controls for things like setting time limits, adjusting content filters, and reviewing any photos taken with the tablet.

It's not actually clear just how much more content you get, so be sure to sign up for a trial first.

Amazon Fresh: Can This Grocery Delivery Service Save You Money?

As it happens, Prime subscribers are currently eligible for a three-month trial at no charge. Originally published on Oct. Update, July 9, This article is regularly updated as new benefits are added to Prime memberships and others expire. Best laptops for college students : We've got an affordable laptop for every student. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. By Rick Broida. It's not all about the shipping.

AmazonFresh ASINs Now Available in Sponsored Products

Or even the shopping. Each and every one was without blemishes, and seemed to be hand picked to make sure it was of the highest quality.

Your mileage may vary depending on your location of course, but I had no problems with any produce delivered throughout the month. However, I did have a problem with a couple items not being available for a week, including packaged broccoli florets and a bag of avocados. This first world problem simply led me to get whole broccoli and abstain from guacamole for a bit. But for the most part, each packaged and produce item showed up without the damage or flaws one might be concerned about with a delivery service.

However, a growing number of brands are starting to work with Amazon to offer the discounts and bulk deals.

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The deals seem similar, if not better, than traditional coupons. There's even an entire section of the Amazon site dedicated to Fresh coupons and a weekly Fresh Newsletter that shares the latest deals. Most of them seem to be Whole Foods' "low cost" Everyday brand.

Unverified Amazon Services deals

You'll find that product selection varies quite a lot by category. However, there's no fresh meat or produce available in the Whole Foods section of AmazonFresh at this point. The above table is a price comparison for AmazonFresh and three other prominent online retailers. While costs and fees are important factors, convenience and availability are crucial aspects you should take into account when deciding which service to use.

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Additionally, the relatively limited dry goods options and lack of produce may remove this as an option for some shoppers. However, you should keep in mind that Instacart has an atypically high mark up on products compared to other services, and more service fees. And as with Google Express, Instacart charges a delivery fee per store, so it makes the most sense to get everything from one place.

This may not be a problem for those that frequent Amazon and are going to pay for the cost of Prime regardless. $25 off AmazonFresh

If you are a current Prime member and can get AmazonFresh in your area, I think it is certainly worth a try. Nolan is an avid automotive, electronic, and gadget enthusiast. If it has an engine or a processor, he can't keep his hands off it. He was introduced to Windows 3. Deal alerts include "mechanical keyboard," "smart watch," and "bulk candy.

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