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How to use QR codes to integrate promotions in your mobile app

  1. What is the coupon for? How does the coupon work? – Kaywa FAQ
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Fill in the forms. You can choose image displayed, promotion text, expiry date, etc. When the QR code of your promotion is scanned by your prospects, they are shown the coupon, just as you have defined them in the templates. Either webshop or instore. Your prospects can share the coupon.

What is the coupon for? How does the coupon work? – Kaywa FAQ

To get that viral effect. And all coupons are stored in the history of the Kaywa Reader, so you can get back to them anytime. Webshop: Your prospect clicks on the URL shown on the coupon. He is directed to there and enters the promo code given on the coupon.

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In store: The prospect goes to the store, shows the mobile coupon to the sales personnel and gets the discount. You get the scan statistics of your QR coupon campaigns. Learn how your comment data is processed. Italian Spanish English. Posted by Amanda on January 17, in Mobile marketing 1 Comment.


The latest, more profitable way of reaching the costumers. But, hey! Another point to be taken into consideration is the accessibility and facilitation that QR code generators, provide your company. What does this mean? It means, that once you create your dynamic QR code, you can choose what content and how you want to personalize it, as, for example, you can create your coupon either by using directly the Leaf landing page or, by attaching images of coupons to the dynamic QR code via our FILE feature.

Download QR Codes

Of course, if you have any doubt and need a tailor made job you can explore our custom projects page. Dynamic QR codes coupons are also trackable, so you can follow the performance of each QR code, analyze which segment of the market you should address and future marketing campaigns. We also talked about the environmental issue the printing of coupons causes. You can embed unique redeemable QR Codes in any of your mail campaigns by using merge tags.

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Each user will receive an email with a unique QR Code that only he can redeem at the shop or restaurant. Learn more about how to setup you MailChimp here:.

You can automatically send vouchers to users when they register on a Lead Landing Page. Each email will get only one unique voucher. Unlimited users can register. If you run a coupon promotion you always see of how many unique visitors scanned the voucher and of how many of these redeemed the coupon.

You will also get detailed information about your viral reach. The viral reach includes the social networks the voucher has been shared and the number of references from social networks. You can additionally get the locations where your vouchers have been redeemed using the GPS tracking feature.

You can set how long a voucher is valid. Vouchers that are requested after their expiration date will show a message to inform the user that the voucher is expired. If the voucher is redeemed more than the defined maximum number, a message will popup informing the user that the voucher quota is exhausted. If you activate this option, you will receive an instant e-mail notification with the date of redemption and information about the Smartphone that has redeemed the voucher.