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The Fund may be required to add to the segregated account as the market price of a shorted security increases. As a result of maintaining and adding to its segregated account, the Fund may maintain higher levels of cash or liquid assets for example, U. Treasury bills, repurchase agreements, high quality commercial paper and long equity positions for collateral needs thus reducing its overall managed assets available for trading purposes.

The Fund is still subject to certain diversification requirements for federal income tax purposes, which are less rigorous than the diversification requirements under federal securities law. Foreign Securities Risk. The exchange rates between U. Foreign securities are also subject to higher political, social and economic risks. Compared to the U. Derivatives are subject to a number of risks, such as liquidity risk, interest rate risk, market risk, credit risk and management risk. They also involve the risk of mispricing or improper valuation and the risk that changes in the value of the derivative may not correlate perfectly with the underlying asset, rate or index.

The Fund by investing in a derivative instrument could lose more than the principal amount invested. Also, suitable derivative transactions may not be available in all circumstances and there can be no assurance that the Fund will engage in these transactions to reduce exposure to other risks when that would be beneficial. The successful use of options depends in part on the ability of the Advisor to manage future price fluctuations and the degree of correlation between the options and securities or currency markets.

By writing put options on equity securities, the Fund gives up the opportunity to benefit from potential increases in the value of the common stocks above the strike prices of the written put options, but continues to bear the risk of declines in the value of its common stock portfolio. The Fund will receive a premium from writing a covered call option that it retains whether or not the option is exercised.

The premium received from the written options may not be sufficient to offset any losses sustained from the volatility of the underlying equity securities over time. Additional risks include but are not limited to fluctuations in energy prices, decreases in the supply of or demand for energy commodities, decreases in demand for MLPs in rising interest rate environments, unique tax consequences due to the partnership structure and potentially limited liquidity in thinly traded issues.

Investments in general partnerships may be riskier than investments in limited partnerships. In addition, investors in MLP units, unlike investors in the securities of a corporation, have limited control and voting rights on matters affecting the partnership. In addition, there are certain tax risks associated with an investment in MLP units and conflicts of interest may exist between common unit holders and the general partner, including those arising from incentive distribution payments. REIT Risk. Investments in ETFs involve substantially the same risks as investing directly in the instruments held by these entities.

However, the total return from such investments will be reduced by the operating expenses and fees of the ETF. Distributions to shareholders of short-term capital gains are taxed as ordinary income under federal tax laws. The Fund is new with no operating history. There can be no assurance that the Fund will grow to or maintain an economically viable size, in which case the Board may determine to liquidate the Fund. The Board can liquidate the Fund without shareholder vote and, while shareholder interests will be the paramount consideration, the timing of any liquidation may not be favorable to certain individual shareholders.

The Advisor offers customized portfolio management to institutional and private investors both domestically and internationally through two pooled investment vehicles, Otter Creek Partners I, LP and Otter Creek International, Ltd. The Advisor has not previously managed a registered investment company. The Advisor also furnishes the Fund with office space and certain administrative services and provides most of the personnel needed to fulfill its obligations under its advisory agreement. For such services, the Advisor is entitled to receive a monthly management fee based upon the average daily net assets of the Fund at 1.

The Fund is team-managed by the Portfolio Managers listed below. Long has worked in the securities industry since From to , Mr. Long was employed as a portfolio manager at Lionel D. In , Mr. Long joined Delphi Capital Management in Chicago, where he served as a portfolio manager and investment analyst.

He was promoted to Vice President in and Principal in Long left Morgan Stanley to organize the General Partner. Long received a B. He served in the U. Army from to as an artillery officer and was honorably discharged with the rank of First Lieutenant. Racenstein joined the General Partner in January and serves as an investment professional.

Prior to joining the General Partner Mr. Racenstein spent two years in equity research at Avalon Research Group, an investment research boutique. Racenstein provided institutional investors with an unbiased view of a diverse group of smaller cap companies both on the long and short side of the market. Prior to work at Avalon, Mr. Racenstein worked as an assistant to the CFO at a public heating oil company and worked for several years as an accountant at Price Waterhouse.

Winter joined the General Partner as a portfolio manager in January and serves as an investment professional.

Building the Industry since 1909. We are the J Racenstein Company.

Prior to joining the General Partner, Mr. From through , Mr. While at Putnam, Mr. Winter analyzed both international and domestic equities in a variety of sectors including financial, transportation and consumer. While attending business school, Mr. Winter spent the summer of interning with the General Partner. Walling joined the General Partner in May and serves as an investment professional.

Walling performed in-depth fundamental research and analysis for food, beverage, and tobacco companies, auto manufacturers and auto parts suppliers. Fund Expenses. The Fund is responsible for its own operating expenses. Any waiver in management fees or payment of Fund expenses made by the Advisor may be recouped by the Advisor in subsequent fiscal years if the Advisor so requests. This recoupment may be requested if the aggregate amount actually paid by the Fund toward operating expenses for such fiscal year taking into account the recoupment does not exceed the Expense Caps.

The Advisor may request recoupment for management fee waivers and Fund expense payments made in the prior three fiscal years from the date the fees were waived and expenses were paid. Any such recoupment is contingent upon the subsequent review and approval of the recouped amounts by the Board. The performance information shown below represents the prior performance of a private fund that is sold to certain U.

Otter Creek International, Ltd. Otter Creek Partners I, LP is a separate fund and the performance below is provided to illustrate the past performance of a similarly managed fund managed by the Advisor as measured against a broad based market index, and does not represent the historical performance of the Fund. You should not consider this performance data to be an indication of the future performance of the Fund. This is not an offering or a solicitation of an offering to invest in that fund. Such expenses include interest, dividend, short position financing, administrative, management, performance, professional, and other fees.

As noted above, Otter Creek Partners I, LP is not a registered mutual fund and is not subject to the same types of expenses as the Fund or to the diversification requirements, specific tax restrictions and investment limitations imposed on the Fund by the Act or the Internal Revenue Code of , as amended, which, if applicable, may have adversely affected the performance results of the composite.

Consequently, the performance results for Otter Creek Partners I, LP could have been adversely affected if it had been regulated as an investment company. Share prices and investment returns will fluctuate reflecting market conditions, as well as changes in company-specific fundamentals of portfolio securities. Otter Creek. Partners I, LP. Annual Total. Net of all. Index 1. Since Inception. You cannot invest directly in an index.

Pricing of Fund Shares. Shares of the Fund are sold at their NAV. The NAV takes into account the expenses and fees of the Fund, including management, administration and other fees, which are accrued daily. Transaction orders received after p. The Fund does not determine the NAV of its shares on any day when the NYSE is not open for trading, such as weekends and certain national holidays as disclosed in the SAI even if there is sufficient trading in its portfolio securities on such days to materially affect the NAV.

In certain cases, fair value determinations may be made as described below under procedures as adopted by the Board. Fair Value Pricing. Occasionally, reliable market quotations are not readily available or there may be events affecting the value of foreign securities or other securities held by the Fund that occur when regular trading on foreign exchanges is closed, but before trading on the NYSE is closed. Fair value determinations are then made in good faith in accordance with procedures adopted by the Board.

Generally, the fair value of a portfolio security or other asset shall be the amount that the owner of the security or asset might reasonably expect to receive upon its current sale. Attempts to determine the fair value of securities introduce an element of subjectivity to the pricing of securities. As a result, the price of a security determined through fair valuation techniques may differ from the price quoted or published by other sources and may not accurately reflect the market value of the security when trading resumes. If a reliable market quotation becomes available for a security formerly valued through fair valuation techniques, the Fund would compare the new market quotation to the fair value price to evaluate the effectiveness of its fair valuation procedures.

If any significant discrepancies are found, the Fund may adjust its fair valuation procedures. Description of Classes. Minimum Initial Investment. Subsequent Minimum Investment. Eligible Investors. High net worth individuals. Includes accounts maintained through Financial. How to Buy Shares. You may purchase shares of the Fund by completing an account application. Your order will not be accepted until the completed account application is received by the Transfer Agent. Account applications will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by payment in U.

In addition, to prevent check fraud, the Fund do not accept third party checks, U. The Fund is unable to accept post dated checks, post dated on-line bill pay checks or any conditional order or payment. You will also be responsible for any losses suffered by the Fund as a result. The Fund does not issue share certificates. The Fund reserves the right to reject any purchase in whole or in part. The minimum investment requirements may be waived from time to time. Shares of the Fund have not been registered for sale outside of the United States.

The USA PATRIOT Act of requires financial institutions, including the Fund, to adopt certain policies and programs to prevent money laundering activities, including procedures to verify the identity of customers opening new accounts. When completing a new account application, you will be required to supply the Fund with your full name, date of birth, social security number and permanent street address to assist the Fund in verifying your identity. Mailing addresses containing only a P. Box will not be accepted.

Until such verification is made, the Fund may temporarily limit additional share purchases. As required by law, the Fund may employ various procedures, such as comparing the information to fraud databases or requesting additional information or documentation from you, to ensure that the information supplied by you is correct. If the Fund does not have a reasonable belief of the identity of a shareholder, the account application will be rejected or you will not be allowed to perform a transaction on the account until such information is received.

By Mail. Initial Investment. Box Michigan Street, 3 rd Floor. Milwaukee, WI Postal Service or other independent delivery services to be its agents. Subsequent Investment. If you are making a subsequent purchase, detach the stub that is attached to the account statement you will receive after each transaction and mail it with a check made payable to the applicable Fund in the envelope provided with your statement or to the address noted above. You should write your account number on the check. If you do not have the stub from your account statement, include your name, address and account number on a separate piece of paper.

By Telephone. You must have banking information established on your account prior to making a purchase. Only bank accounts held at domestic institutions that are ACH members may be used for telephone transactions. If your order is received prior to p. For security reasons, requests by telephone may be recorded. By Wire.

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J. Racenstein Windowcleaning-Supplies Coupons

If you are making your first investment in the Fund, before you wire funds, please contact the Transfer Agent by phone to make arrangements with a telephone service representative to submit your completed account application via mail, overnight delivery or facsimile. Upon receipt of your completed account application, an account will be established for you and a service representative will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with an account number and wiring instructions.

Once your account has been established, you may instruct your bank to initiate the wire using the instructions you were given. Your bank must include the name of the Fund, your name and account number so that your wire can be correctly applied. If you are making a subsequent purchase, your bank should wire funds as indicated below. It is essential that your bank include complete information about your account in all wire instructions. Your bank may charge you a fee for sending a wire to the Fund. Your bank should transmit immediately available funds by wire in your name to:.

Wired funds must be received prior to p. The Fund and the Transfer Agent are not responsible for the consequences of delays resulting from the banking or Federal Reserve wire system or from incomplete wiring instructions. Purchases Placed with Financial Intermediaries. The Fund may pay the Financial Intermediary for maintaining individual ownership records as well as providing other shareholder services. Financial Intermediaries may charge fees for the services they provide to you in connection with processing your transaction order or maintaining your account with them.

Investors should check with their Financial Intermediary to determine if it is subject to these arrangements. By Payment In-Kind. If you purchase Fund shares in this manner, you will realize a gain or loss for federal income tax purposes on each security tendered. Automatic Investment Plan.

If you wish to enroll in the AIP, complete the appropriate section on the account application. Your signed account application must be received at least 15 business days prior to the initial transaction. The Fund may terminate or modify this privilege at any time. Please contact your financial institution to determine if it is an ACH member. The AIP is a method of using dollar cost averaging as an investment strategy that involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular time intervals.

However, a program of regular investment cannot ensure a profit or protect against a loss as a result of declining markets. By continually investing the same amount, you will be purchasing more shares when the price is low and fewer shares when the price is high. Retirement Plans. The Fund offers IRA plans. If you wish to open another type of retirement plan, please contact your Financial Intermediary. How to Sell Shares. You may redeem part or all of your shares at the next determined NAV after the Fund or the Transfer Agent or Financial Intermediary receive your order.

Redemption requests received after the close of the NYSE will be treated as though received on the next business day. You may redeem your shares by simply sending in a written request to the transfer agent. You should give your account number and state whether you want all or some of your shares redeemed. The letter should be signed by all of the shareholders whose names appear on the account registration and, if necessary, should include a signature guarantee s. No redemption request will become effective until all documents have been received in proper form by the Transfer Agent.

Additional documents are required for certain types of shareholders, such as corporations, partnerships, executors, trustees, administrators, or guardians i. Shareholders who have an IRA or other retirement plan must indicate on their redemption request whether to withhold federal income tax. You should send your redemption request to:. By Telephone and by Wire. Per your request, redemption proceeds may be wired or may be sent via electronic funds transfer through the ACH network, to your pre-designated bank account.

There is no charge for proceeds sent via ACH network; however, most ACH transfers require two to three days for the bank account to receive credit. Before executing an instruction received by telephone, the Transfer Agent will use reasonable procedures to confirm that the telephone instructions are genuine. The telephone call may be recorded and the caller may be asked to verify certain personal identification information.

If the Fund or its agents follow these procedures, they cannot be held liable for any loss, expense or cost arising out of any telephone redemption request that is reasonably believed to be genuine. This includes fraudulent or unauthorized requests. Once a telephone transaction has been placed, it cannot be canceled or modified. If you have a retirement account, you may not redeem shares by telephone.

If an account has more than one owner or authorized person, the Fund will accept telephone instructions from any one owner or authorized person. During periods of high market activity, you may encounter higher than usual wait times. Please allow sufficient time to ensure that you will be able to complete your telephone transaction prior to market close.

You may make your redemption request in writing. Through a Financial Intermediary. Redemptions made through a Financial Intermediary may be subject to procedures established by that institution. Your Financial Intermediary is responsible for sending your order to the Fund and for crediting your account with the proceeds. For redemption through Financial Intermediaries, orders will be processed at the NAV next effective after receipt of the order by the Financial Intermediary.

Please keep in mind that your Financial Intermediary may charge additional fees for its services. Systematic Withdrawal Program. Under the SWP, shareholders or their Financial Intermediaries may request that a check drawn in a predetermined amount be sent to them each month or calendar quarter. If you elect this method of redemption, the Fund will send a check directly to your address of record, or will send the payments directly to a pre-authorized bank account by electronic funds transfer via the ACH network. For payment through the ACH network, your bank must be a member and your bank account information must be maintained on your Fund account.

This SWP may be terminated or modified by a shareholder or the Fund at any time without charge or penalty. You may terminate your participation in this SWP at any time by contacting the Transfer Agent sufficiently in advance of the next withdrawal. In addition, if the amount withdrawn exceeds the dividends credited to your account, the account ultimately may be depleted.

Timing of Receiving Redemption Proceeds. Before selling recently purchased shares, please note that if the Transfer Agent has not yet collected payment for the shares you are selling, it may delay sending the proceeds until the payment is collected, which may take up to 15 calendar days from the purchase date. Redemption requests will be sent to the address of record. The Fund will not be responsible for interest lost on redemption amounts due to lost or misdirected mail. If the proceeds of redemption are requested to be sent to an address other than the address of record, or if the address of record has been changed within 30 days of the redemption request, the request must be in writing with your signature guaranteed.

Low Balance Accounts. Redemption Fees. The Fund is intended for long-term investors. For these reasons, the Fund will assess a redemption fee of 1. The redemption fee is deducted from your proceeds and is retained by the Fund for the benefit of its long-term shareholders. Although the Fund has the goal of applying this redemption fee to most redemptions of shares held for less than the number of days noted above, the Fund may not always be able to track short-term trading effected through Financial Intermediaries in non-disclosed or omnibus accounts.

Proceeds will generally be sent no later than seven calendar days after the Fund receives your redemption request. Redemption In-Kind. It is not expected that the Fund would do so except during unusual market conditions. If the Fund pays your redemption proceeds by a distribution of securities, you could incur brokerage or other charges in converting the securities to cash and will bear any market risks associated with such securities until they are converted into cash.

A redemption in-kind is treated as a taxable transaction and a sale of the redeemed shares, generally resulting in capital gain or loss to you, subject to certain loss limitation rules. Signature Guarantees. The Transfer Agent may require a signature guarantee for certain redemption requests. A signature guarantee assures that your signature is genuine and protects you from unauthorized account redemptions.

A signature guarantee of each owner is required in the following situations:. If a change of address request has been received by the Transfer Agent within the last 30 days;. When requesting a change in ownership of your account; and. When redemption proceeds are payable or sent to any person, address or bank account not on record. A notary public is not an acceptable signature guarantor. Non-financial transactions, including establishing or modifying certain services on an account, may require a signature guarantee, signature verification from a Signature Validation Program member, or other acceptable form of authentication from a financial institution source.

The Fund reserves the right to waive any signature requirement at their discretion. In an effort to decrease costs, the Fund intends to reduce the number of duplicate prospectuses and annual and semi-annual reports you receive by sending only one copy of each to those addresses shared by two or more accounts and to shareholders we reasonably believe are from the same family or household. Once the Fund receives notice to stop householding, we will begin sending individual copies thirty days after receiving your request.

This policy does not apply to account statements. Unclaimed Property. The Board has adopted a policy regarding excessive trading. The Fund discourages excessive, short-term trading and other abusive trading practices that may disrupt portfolio management strategies and harm performance.

The Fund takes steps to reduce the frequency and effect of these activities in the Fund. These steps may include, among other things, monitoring trading activity, imposing redemption fees, if necessary, or using fair value pricing when appropriate, under procedures as adopted by the Board, when the Advisor determines current market prices are not readily available. As approved by the Board, these techniques may change from time to time as determined by the Fund in its sole discretion.

Although these efforts are designed to discourage abusive trading practices, these tools cannot eliminate the possibility that such activity will occur. The Fund seeks to exercise its judgment in implementing these tools to the best of its ability in a manner that it believes is consistent with shareholder interests. Except as noted in the Prospectus, the Fund applies all restrictions uniformly in all applicable cases. In particular, since the Fund receives purchase and sale orders through Financial Intermediaries that use group or omnibus accounts, the Fund cannot always detect frequent trading.

However, the Fund will work with Financial Intermediaries as necessary to discourage shareholders from engaging in abusive trading practices and to impose restrictions on excessive trades. In this regard, the Fund has entered into information sharing agreements with Financial Intermediaries pursuant to which these intermediaries are required to provide to the Fund, at its request, certain information relating to its customers investing in the Fund through non-disclosed or omnibus accounts.

The Fund will use this information to attempt to identify abusive trading practices.

Coupon J. Racenstein Codes

However, the Fund cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided to it from Financial Intermediaries and cannot ensure that it will always be able to detect abusive trading practices that occur through non-disclosed and omnibus accounts. Net investment income generally consists of interest income and dividends received on investments, less expenses. Dividends from net investment income are generally made at least annually. Capital gain distributions from net profits from the sale of securities are generally made at least annually. The Fund typically distributes any undistributed net investment income, if any, in November.

Capital gains distributions, if any, are also normally made in November, but the Fund may make an additional payment of dividends or distributions if it deems it desirable at another time during the year. A dividend or capital gain distribution paid on shares purchased shortly before that dividend or capital gain distribution was declared will be subject to income taxes.

Reinvestment of distributions does not avoid or defer taxable income to you. If you elect to receive distributions in cash and the U. If you wish to change your distribution option, write or call the Transfer Agent in advance of the payment date for the distribution. As regulated investment companies, the Fund will not be subject to federal income tax if it distributes its income as required by the tax law and satisfies certain other requirements that are described in the SAI. The Fund intends to operate in a manner such that it generally will not be liable for federal income or excise taxes on its taxable income and capital gains distributed to shareholders.

The Fund intends to make distributions of ordinary income and capital gains. Dividends are taxable to you as ordinary income or, in certain cases, for non-corporate shareholders, as qualified dividend income, which is taxed at long-term capital gain rates. The rate you pay on capital gains will depend on how long the Fund held the securities that generated the gains, not how long you owned your Fund shares, and there is no requirement that the Fund take into consideration any tax implications when implementing its investment strategy.

You will be taxed in the same manner whether you receive your dividends and capital gain distributions in cash or reinvest them in additional Fund shares. Shareholders should note that the Fund may make taxable distributions of income and capital gains even when share values have declined. Distributions and dividends declared in October, November or December to shareholders of record on a specified date in such a month, but paid in January, are taxable as if they were paid in December.

If you purchase shares prior to a distribution, the distribution will be taxable to you even though economically it may represent a return on your investment. If you sell your Fund shares, it is considered a taxable event for you. Depending on the purchase price and the sale price of the shares you sell, and any other adjustments to your tax basis for your shares, you may have a gain or a loss on the transaction. You are responsible for any tax liabilities generated by your transaction.

Because your tax situation is unique, always consult your tax professional about federal, state, local or foreign tax consequences of an investment in the Fund. The maximum amount of the fee authorized is 0. In addition to paying fees under the Plan, the Fund may pay service fees to Financial Intermediaries such as banks, broker-dealers, financial advisors or other financial institutions, including affiliates of the Advisor, for sub-administration, sub-transfer agency and other shareholder services associated with shareholders whose shares are held of record in omnibus, other group accounts or accounts traded through registered securities clearing agents.

The Advisor or distributor, out of its own resources, and without additional cost to the Fund or its shareholders, may provide additional cash payments or non-cash compensation to Financial Intermediaries who sell shares of the Fund, including affiliates of the Advisor. Such payments and compensation are in addition to the sales charges including Rule 12b-1 fees and service fees paid by the Fund.

Financial highlights are not available at this time, because the Fund had not commenced investment operations prior to the date of this Prospectus. The Fund collects non-public information about you from the following sources:. We may share information with affiliated and unaffiliated third parties with whom we have contracts for servicing the Fund.

We will provide unaffiliated third parties with only the information necessary to carry out their assigned responsibilities. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your non-public personal information and require third parties to treat your non-public personal information with the same high degree of confidentiality. In the event that you hold shares of the Fund through a financial intermediary, including, but not limited to, a broker-dealer, bank, or trust company, the privacy policy of your financial intermediary would govern how your non-public personal information would be shared by those entities with unaffiliated third parties.

You can find more information about the Fund in the following documents:. It is legally considered a part of this Prospectus. Annual and Semi-Annual Reports. You can obtain a free copy of these documents, request other information or make general inquiries about the Fund by contacting the Fund at:.

Shareholder reports and other information about the Fund is also available:.

Couponmeup.com has thousands of coupons from over 167928

For a fee, by email request to publicinfo sec. Institutional Class — Ticker:. Investor Class — Ticker:. West Palm Beach, Florida Table of Contents - Statement of Additional Information. The Trust is a Massachusetts business trust organized on February 24, and is registered with the SEC as an open-end management investment company.

The Trust consists of various series that represent separate investment portfolios. The Board may from time to time issue other series, the assets and liabilities of which will be separate and distinct from any other series. This SAI relates only to the Fund. The shareholders of a Massachusetts business trust could, under certain circumstances, be held personally liable as partners for its obligations.

However, the Declaration of Trust contains an express disclaimer of shareholder liability for acts or obligations of the Trust. The Declaration of Trust also provides for indemnification and reimbursement of expenses out of Fund assets for any shareholder held personally liable for obligations of the Fund or the Trust. The Declaration of Trust provides that the Trust shall, upon request, assume the defense of any claim made against any shareholder for any act or obligation of the Fund or the Trust and satisfy any judgment thereon.

All such rights are limited to the assets of the Fund. The Declaration of Trust further provides that the Trust may maintain appropriate insurance for example, fidelity bonding and errors and omissions insurance for the protection of the Trust, its shareholders, trustees, officers, employees and agents to cover possible tort and other liabilities. Thus, the risk of a shareholder incurring financial loss on account of shareholder liability is limited to circumstances in which both inadequate insurance exists and the Fund themselves are unable to meet their obligations.

It is anticipated that the Fund will commence operations on December 31, The Fund is a series of the Trust. Worth, Texas Feb. Cleaning Certification, Mar. Environmental Certification Course. And contractors with environmental certification are finding they have a definite advantage over their competition. John Tornabene, owner of Clean County Powerwashing in Long Island, NY, took the environmental certification course last October as well, primarily to help him land more.

I am sure every business owner has a unique story to tell about how it all started. First, I started research online, and I discovered the complexity of the pressure washer industry. One needs to have the knowledge, abilities, and resources to be successful. Jackie provided me with excellent information and answers to my hundreds of questions. Jackie helped me choose the classes to fit a newcomer in the pressure wash industry. I learned about oil socks and where to place them in different situations, such as by a storm drain or in a drum while vacuuming up your wash water in your filtering process.

The value I got out of this program is easily worth 10 times the amount it cost! The convention in Florida was a great learning experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet people, attend classes, and learn from the most expert leaders in the pressure wash industry. The classes about environmental issues, led by Robert and Michael Hinderliter, were eye opening. The course by Paul Horsley about fleet washing was spectacular.

During the breaks, I had the privilege to meet members from different states, who provided me with great advice. One of the best suggestions was to find my customer base before purchasing the pressure wash machine. By implementing those strategies, I was able to build a steady customer base in a very short time.

I am so impressed with the professionalism of Powerwash. It helped me start Puma Power Wash successfully. Horsley has a staff of over 40 employees and a fleet of more than 23 mobile units that specialize Paul Horsley in fleet washing, commercial and flat surface pressure washing, and rail car cleaning. The course is taught by John Nearon — who helped write the curriculum — and who has been in the wood restoration field for many years operating Exterior Wood Restoration, Inc. Nearon specializes in almost all types of outdoor wood structures, from the cleaning and. Some certification courses will also be offered again at other times during the year.

To learn more about the PWNA or its certification programs, visit their website at www. A two-person operation can safely, quickly and profitably clean not only windows, but an entire building. It is much safer and easier to use than manual window cleaning equipment. It folds down for easy transport, easily fitting into the back of a pickup truck. It has removable transport wheels for easy and fast maneuvering, and is easy to set up and ready to work in minutes. The brush uses finger foam technology that keeps grit and dirt from becoming embedded in the brush.

The dual motor design maintains brush torque and speed to assure an even cleaning motion. The unit cleans an entire building at a variable eClean Magazine. It uses less than half a gallon of de-ionized or reverse osmosis water per minute and leaves a spot-free clean without chemicals. A special lithium-ion battery delivers 8 hours of operation to power the Sky Pro Mini. Two batteries are included along with a quick charger. The unit features an emergency stop button, volt wireless remote to start and stop the brush rotations, and quick on- and off-connections.

Architects, building owners, window washing companies, building management or maintenance companies should seriously consider investing in one of the many Sky Pro System models. Most models will pay for themselves in less than a year. Sky Pro eliminates the danger associated with manual window washing and reduces labor and insurance costs.

It has reduced our cost of window cleaning services by approximately 50k per year. For more information, visit www. For many of you cleaning season is getting ready to start next month, but are you really ready? You have probably already thought about getting your equipment in shape and buying supplies for the start up. You may have plans for marketing to new customers.

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In our website blog posts, I have touched on the importance of existing customers before, but this topic is so important I will do so again here as a refresher for some and maybe give even new things to think about for others. That means getting jobs from current customers saves four times the cost of marketing old versus new. That means with customers, you should get at least six new customers from the existing ones.

Go back over your jobs from last year. Make an index card for each one with who and where they were, when the work was done, what type of work they received, how long it took, how much they paid versus how much it cost you, and any other factors you deem important. Armed with this information you can build a skeleton job schedule for this year to then work to make it permanent, filling in the gaps. These can also help you divide up the jobs between crews if you have them, keeping them in the same geographical area during work days.

Get out your rough calendar for the season and place the cards of the current customers where you think they might fall this year, if at all. You may have a job that you did that you know will not be repeated this year. But that customer may have a different need this year or be able to refer you other work. Place them. Start with repeat contract work as to when they most likely will be. For example a fleet you wash twice a month on Sunday afternoons, a commercial restaurant you clean once a quarter on a Wednesday night, an apartment complex you spend four days cleaning in May.

Make a card for each visit. These are contracts you most likely already have signed, sealed and delivered as guaranteed work. Example 1: You cleaned Mr. He called at the last minute because they where going to have a summer pool party, he got your name just from seeing your rig around the neighborhood earlier that year, he paid top dollar for the fast service and was very happy with the results.

Place his customer card somewhere in May. Make a list by month noting to call, mail or email him a reminder about summer and pool season and if he books early he will get the best time and maybe also make a special offer.

Older Donations

Remember do not discount services; offer added value first instead, like free patio furniture cleaning with the pool deck cleaning. This is also the time to mention your referral program, how he can participate and what benefits he can get. This promotes your customer to think about getting the work done earlier better for you plus already thinking about getting the word out about your service to save him some money even better for you.

Example 2: Next customer card is an elderly lady who has had her house washed every spring for the last four years. She always eClean Magazine. Put her card down in the time she is used to getting the service. Be sure to contact her and discuss the timing of her cleaning, to thank her for her past referrals, to let her know what the current benefits are this year for helping you again with referrals.

You might want to give her an added bonus for being such a loyal customer, like a free air conditioner coil cleaning. You will already be at the house and this service will not take more than 15 to 20 minutes to perform at a very minimal cost to you. Plan this year as you are gaining satisfied customers to ask for testimonials along with the referrals at the completion of the service. If you can, get them on video; if not, try for a photo and at least the written testimonial.

These you should post as soon as possible to your Facebook business page, and added to your web site along with the date to show repeat visitors to your site that you are continually having satisfied customers. That in itself will get you new business with no need of having to pay out referral fees. Now back to the cards in the pile you did not place in your calendar. For instance the fellow that answered a direct mail campaign for soft roof washing late last year at a special price and you know that it has only been 6 months and his roof is still going to be clean.

He is the customer that you can market a different service to early this year. Hopefully you noted during that job other jobs you could do for him. Like the fact that he has a large back deck that could be washed or stripped and stained or a weathered fence around his back yard. His drive way and sidewalk were really dirty last Fall that you even gave him a quote on, but he did not want anything but the deal on the soft wash.

He would be one to send a special offer card to along with the referral pre-service incentives to save him money on a job this spring or summer. You already know that deals motivate him so capitalize on that. Work to try and pre-plan and place 60 to 80 percent of the customers you already have for this coming season before it starts. This way you can budget and plan your other expenses and profits around it, besides family time and industry events.

For instance if you already know you will be doing more wood restoration and cleaning this summer than last year you can take that Wood Restoration Certification. You may be able to see you have a weak work gap of weeks that need to be filled late in the summer and can plan a marketing campaign well in advance so you will not hit a slow spot. Leave a few mornings, afternoons or one day a week open each week to fill in with reschedules due to weather, customer changes and new business. I am not saying to slow down or stop working hard to gain new business throughout the season, but with better management of your existing customers you will be able to more easily fill openings at a lower cost and hopefully increase the amount of business and profit you make this coming year.

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A safe way to clean windows, frames and exterior of high rise buildings. Call or Call for a free catalog, Power Washers of North America. For certification or membership information, visit our website, email info pwna. This will be the third such seminar put on by Matt Johnson and Jack Kramer of Contractor Education Services, which has been hosting roundtables and other educational venues since The Pre-Seminars If you are relatively new to the industry, you will not want to miss the two-day pre-seminar, a comprehensive power washing and wood restoration course that combines in-class and on-the-job training.

The course will include information on chemicals and detergent use and application, equipment, bidding, marketing, as well as house washing, roof cleaning, wood restoration and commercial cleaning. Mike Morin of Maine Power. The first, due to requests by past attendees, is a pre-seminar focusing exclusively on wood restoration. This course will provide education on how to add wood restoration services, teaching participants the correct methods to ensure a quality product and maximum profits.

This course will examine the various types of wood, detergents needed for stripping and brightening wood, the restoration process from start to finish, as well as how to profitably bid wood projects. It is the perfect class to learn not only the art of wood restoration,. The second Thursday option is a brand-new class for the Contractor Education Services venue. The course will cover electrical issues, burner maintenance and repair, troubleshooting and general service.

Minimal downtime means more work done, which means more money in your pocket. Be sure to stop by the eClean booth to say hello! The Seminar begins on Friday, with a full. Grand Prize Giveaway The Hydro Tek RZV vacuum recovery and filtration system provides 7 stages of filtration with up to 12gpm continuous five micron processing of wastewater where soaps and other chemicals are not used.

The system is the choice of professional cleaners to protect the environment, conserve water, and comply with EPA storm drain requirements. Racenstein Company Following a barbecue lunch, the afternoon will feature outdoor demonstrations by several participating vendors. Education continues bright and early Saturday morning, following a continental breakfast, with a general session by a certified Quickbooks trainer. The Seminar will close out Saturday afternoon with a feast, complete with a wide variety of food and desserts. Following lunch will be the drawings and giveaways, and participants must be present to win.

To learn more about the event or to register, visit The Pressure Washing Seminar site at www. Skid, water tank and hose reels are plumbed and securely mounted to a steel powder coated tank skid. Saves time and hassle, just tighten bolts and go. Limited time offer. Free freight to distributor location within the continental US. Price does not include sales tax or battery. Available through a participating distributor near you. Ask your distributor for the Tanks A Lot Special or free wheel kit.

Call eClean www. Not to be combined with any other offers, programs, or discounts. Spring is around the corner, and with it, the time for a myriad of cleaning projects. All varieties of industrial cleaning are demanding -you must be able to produce results in a variety of situations. The first thing to do is assess those needs. What specific surfaces will you be cleaning? Is your current equipment capable and efficient? Have you thought about different solutions that could save time and money?

While pondering these questions, consider how a hot water pressure washer could address your situation. For particularly stubborn cleaning, an environmentally-friendly soap can be used. Hot water is a good choice. It sticks to everything. Dirt sticks to it. If your hands were dirty and greasy, would you try to clean them with cold water? You use hot soapy water for a reason — it works. The majority of your cleaning probably involves cutting oil and grease, so hot water just makes sense.

There are a number of reasons why this could be the solution for you: 1. Cold water pressure washers often require harsh chemicals in order to clean effectively. Hot water cleans so much Once you have decided that a hot water pressure washer is a good idea, the next step is to narrow down which specific type you need.

This can be a challenge due to so many options available.

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Will the pressure washer be permanently installed in a wash bay or building? If the answer is yes, you will need to look at a stationary washer. Will it need to be mobile mounted on a trailer or moved around a job site on skids? If your washer will be trailer- or skid-mounted, look at a self-contained unit capable of running without an external power source. Do you need to move your washer by hand? Will your work require your washer to be in many different places? If so, you will want a portable pressure washer.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a portable washer is safety. Choosing a pressure washer with swivel wheels helps diminish the possibility of falls with heavy equipment. Most pressure washers with fixed wheels require the operator to lift one set of wheels to make a turn, increasing the probability of slipping and falling. Make sure the portable unit has flat free tires as well. Flat tires tend to take the portability out of a portable unit and cause expensive downtime. How much power do you need? Both are important, but paying close eClean Magazine.

Paying attention to flow GPM is an important factor when deciding on the right pressure washer for your application. The higher the GPM, the larger the droplets are that are making contact to the surface of what you are cleaning. Think about it like this —- if you were to throw a handful of sand against a window or a handful of rocks, which would have the greater effect? The larger the droplets of water that are making contact with the surface the better and more efficiently they clean. Combine a high PSI machine with a high flow rate and you get a machine with quite a punch!

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