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Thursday, August 1

  1. $2.00 1/4lb Burgers
  2. Thursday Wing Specials in Chicago |
  3. Kincade's Bar & Grill

Plus, 50 cents of every purchase up to 30, purchases will go to the Kids in Need Foundation, providing free school supplies to teachers and students in need. George, and Chico-Redding. The coupon is only valid in-store. When: Through September Today's deal is two free tacos with any purchase. Just make your purchase through the app.

When: August Though, there's a limit of 10 per customer if you thought you might get really wild. The company's goal is to sling a half-million tacos for its anniversary. The deal is available for dine-in and carryout. Jack in the Box The deal: Day 3 of the restaurant's Week of Offers will land you a free burger with any purchase when you order through the app.

GOOD Rewards member. You'll find the deal in the Jack in the Box app. For everyone else, iced coffee is just a buck all day long.

$2.00 1/4lb Burgers

Jack in the Box The deal: No questions asked. Nab a free eight-piece order of Mini Pancakes through the Jack in the Box app.

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The first visitors are getting a free scoop. You're getting a free order of fries with any purchase through the app today. Purchases must be made through the app.

Dickson Street Food & Drink Menus

You'll have to use a coupon to get the deal. That can be found via a White Castle email or through its social media channels and website. No big deal. Carl's Jr. You're two-thirds of the way to lunch already. Sign up for their Inner Circle club , and new members get a coupon for a free bagel with cream cheese. Einstein Bros. Sign up for the Shmear Society and grab a free bagel.

Chicago's Best Wings: Take Me Out Wings

When: Ongoing. If you download the Del App, you can also land another pair of free Del Tacos. You'll also get a coupon for a free Bo-Berry Biscuit with any purchase on your birthday. You'll also get a freebie on your birthday.

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  5. Happy early birthday! That's a deep-dish-inspired cookie if it wasn't immediately clear from the weird portmanteau. Bonus: You'll get another free Pizookie on your birthday. You also get a free steak dinner on your first birthday after joining the club. If you know of other freebies and deals we missed, email us at news thrillist.

    We'll add 'em here. Want more free food and food deals? You're welcome. Dustin Nelson is a Senior Writer on the news team at Thrillist. He is always hungry. If you're not a big fan of wings, have no fear. Also on the menu are "Buffalitos" tacos , wraps with Thai and Jamaican Jerk sauces, "Buffalo Chips" flat-cut potato slices, optionally topped with chili and cheese — absolutely magnificent , and a good variety of sandwiches that includes fish, which at least one of my friends has claimed "the best fish sandwich" they've ever had. Kimmelweck sounds weird but is rather tasty but, sadly, is no longer available.

    In a bizarre twist of fate, I was served six Blazin' wings instead of the hot variety I asked for, due to a mix-up with what a friend of mine had ordered. The Blazin' sauce turned out to be phenomenally good. Most sauces of this caliber are all burn with no taste. The only problem is that I needed extra napkins to wipe the sweat from my face, forehead and neck. These napkins were later removed from the table with tongs and deposited in a red biohazard bag.

    The experience reminded me of a friend's account of inhaling tear gas as part of basic training in the US Army.

    Thursday Wing Specials in Chicago |

    For true fans of buffalo wings, notice the buffalo wing-shaped buffalo leg just to the right of the counter where you order food in the main bar area. It looks like a mini-hindquarter of a buffalo. Looking at it makes me feel kind of funny. There is also a small, stuffed buffalo head above you as you make your way through the brick archway from the front room to the restaurant area.

    The Mini Corn Dog Chunder Faulty pricing aside, all of the food is quite good—even the mini corn dogs— and you can order gift certificates online. As you can guess, this attempt ended badly. The individual in question reached 76 and vomited with such force as to spray half-digested, mini corn dogs in an arc several feet in diameter.

    The entire episode was as memorable as it was vile. The Good Old Days The service tends to be slow as the waitresses forget they are working at times especially the better looking ones , but it is worth it given the quality of food and the atmosphere. On the Other Hand While bw-3 is one of my Top 5 favorite bars in the city, there are a few things about it that drive me crazy.

    First, they will often refuse to seat you if your entire party is not present — even if your friend has just gone across the street to the ATM. Then, they'll get pissy if you have a drink in your hand when your everyone in your group finally arrives. To illustrate both points, I was once almost denied entrance to the dining room because I had a beer in my hand, which I ordered because they wouldn't seat me right away since my friend was a few minutes late and I didn't want to stand around with my thumb up my ass.

    I had to coax my way into the dining room, past the chalkboard with "Please wait to be seated" that you have to suck in your gut and squeeze past, so that I could spend more money on food. Then, when they're finally ready to seat you, barring any violations on your part, watch out that they don't seat you right under the big screen as they are want to do even when there's plenty of tables with better sightlines.

    Kincade's Bar & Grill

    Finally, when you're almost done with your food or your ounce beer, mind that the busboy doesn't whisk it away without your permission. To top it off, the bar supports only non-Chicago teams even if they're in the playoffs. As a good friend of mine once said, "You'll never feel like a regular here. Aside from their non-local sports support, bw-3 does have an interesting assortment of Chicago sports memorabilia on the wall, including signed Blackhawks jerseys, hockey sticks over the pick-up counter, Michael Jordan articles, and White Sox photos.

    There even appears to be an authentic, framed Olympic Russian hockey jersey. In addition, American beer connoisseurs will appreciate the Budweiser clock with a mini-Clydesdale-pulled beer wagon in it. Oh, yeah baby. The clock, by the way, is set 20 minutes ahead so they can kick you out early. A special note to fans of University of Michigan football: I happened to be at B-Dubs for the meaningless bowl match-up of Michigan vs. Nebraska at the end of There, our party witnesses a load of Michigan fans jumping up and down every time Michigan made a play or Nebraska did something wrong — it was like laughing at someone pushing around a retarded kid, considering Nebraska's team the last few years.

    We found it ever so satisfying when Nebraska pulled off a victory. The retarded kid got the last laugh! As did his buddies next door at the Michigan-State-loving Gin Mill. And guys, be careful.