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This period to submit a rebate form has expired. WA: Add to Cart. WS: JD: 92 WA: WE: D: 96 JD: Staff JD: TOP La Capranera Fiano Vaglio 'Aggie' Malbec JS: Available Now 1 2 3. Abbazia di Novacella Kerner Jump to page Jump to first page Jump to last page.


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Aside from that, sweet wine is my ideal one, and this will go along with my taste buds! I don't like wines with such perfume-aura. I prefer the natural scent of wine because that is one of there trademarks of wine.

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If they will change it, it will never make sense at all! By the way, We have the same review towards this wine! Both Box Malbec is not the best wine in town, but what you will like about this wine is its dry sweetness. Rick Leiti, South Jersey's favorite sommelier turned VW Bus driver is here to give you a quick, informative, down-to-earth look at some decently priced bottles found near you.

February January December We used to buy the bottles as kind of our cheap house wine but the 3L box is much more economical — it means we can spend more on the non-boxed stuff! What does the white compare to? Super excited to try this. Thanks for the great idea! I plan on wining the instant I get home. Homonym: Whine. I rarely drink wine at home for the same reason I usually end up having a glass or two and then cooking with it when it starts to get old.

I think I might try the boxed wine solution as well! Back when I was drinking pregnant now and husband traveled M-F for work, on bad days I would come home from work and nurse an entire bottle of red over the course of a few hours. No judgment here.


Really keeps wine fresh, no guilt, has paid for itself in wine not thrown away. I am not scared to take down a whole bottle of wine over the course of the evening. I almost always buy boxed wine, just because I am really finicky about the flavor of bottled wine after a few days open. I agree that the Bota Box brand is very good. H likes the Merlot.

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For anyone that prefers white, Silver Birch Sauvignon Blanc is my absolute favorite and I almost always have it on hand. It reminds me a lot of Kim Crawford S. I hope you can find it and enjoy it as much as I have! Will be on the lookout for Silver Birch! I will have to look for the brands that you recommend. I love every one that you mentioned!

I always buy multiple bottles of both! I like it even more than Cloudy Bay and Kim Crawford. I love the Bota Box! I almost always have one in the fridge. My dad claims to prefer boxed wine, but he thinks Bota and Black Box are too expensive so he sticks with Almaden and the other cheaper brands.

Rewards Home | Black Box Wines

I got him a wine aerator for Christmas. The box is black and has colorful bulls on it. Highly recommend. I always keep a red and white boxed one on hand just for that, and they seem to last pretty much forever. This may be our most on-topic discussion ever. Has anyone ever used bloom. Do you like it?

We tried 45 types of boxed wine: The good, bad and ugly

I love boxed wine, especially the bota Malbec. The one at a time serving option is so wonderful. Have to share- I suggested boxed wine to my judge when I was clerking last year after he complained about having to open a whole bottle for dinner. I find that I drink more often, but less at a time, when I have some boxed wine in the fridge. Lately, the manageing partner has been hinting at taking us all out for a party, but I do NOT want to drink, or to have him stareing at me when he drinks.

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Long story short, it was wonderful and it completely fixed my major frizz problems. It made my hair much easier to style in the mornings and the frizz was pretty much completely gone. However, a couple months after I did it, I started reading more about it and apparently in random tests, it turns out that even the Brazilian Blowout brand produces very dangerous levels of formaldehyde on the scalp and in the air surrounding.