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I Heart Gis: My Gi History

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Top Searches Shopbodybistro. Start making purchases using this coupon code and enjoy decent savings. Applies for all selected products. Expires Monday, 30 November Offer Ends June 28, Sale Items. Thank you! Please reload this page after 5 minutes. Send Comment. Your comment has been successfully submitted. However, it needs to be moderated before being displayed. There was an error encountered, please try again later. On their first try at BJJ gis which I think might make up the majority of their business nowadays , they released the Mantis and the Komodo.


Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear Coupons

I picked the Mantis, as it was the lighter model. The top on that gi is one of my favorites still today, in no small part because of its narrowness through the shoulders and upper back. It was the early days of ripstop trousers, and no one had quite nailed them yet, except for maybe Atama. They felt waxy and stiff and were cut very narrow through the hip for a lady and, because they were ripstop, had absolutely zero give. The result?

BJJ Gis, Jiu Jitsu Rashguards, Grappling Shorts, Judo Gear – FUJI Sports

I ripped my pants from above my ass to mid-calf while visiting another academy. Thank god for compression shorts, amIright?

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You can find out more about the Fushida Mantis here. Oddly, the website stated that it would shrink lots, suggesting people order up a size from their norm. At that point I learned that I should never trust the weight specifications a gi company gives me. Because of my muscular build and broad shoulders, I now tend to estimate lbs under my actual weight when assessing potential fit. I sold this to a teammate, who, come to think of it, never paid me! Found great deals on these gis at two separate times.

Still some of my favorites, though the F3 sized pants are a touch large nowadays. The first gi I ever pre-ordered, Fushida made some improvements and some less awesome changes from the Mantis to this. They let out the upper back bummer and the sleeves and pantlegs got a little longer. The Kingz was another bjjhq adventure. It arrived when I was at a pretty rough point in my training, so it sat unworn for over a month. Apparently, Ouano plays by their own rules when comes to sizing because this F2 would be called an F4 by any other brand.

I got it in the mail, got really nervous about size and shot an email to Ouano asking if it would shrink and how much. The guy who responded not Ouano himself said that it would shrink, possibly a lot if I really tortured it. I soaked it in near boiling water, washed hot, dried hot, set it out in the July afternoon sun and a weird thing happened: while the torso shrunk significantly, the sleeves and pant legs shrunk very little, if at all.

I ended up having the sleeves tailored to the specs of my Mantis, but the fit was still a little off. Again, I sold it to a teammate who is just a little bigger and way better-endowed than I. Shrunk the top just a touch and it fits like a sexy, sexy glove. I have two more gis in the pipeline. Yes, I am a crazy person. It should also be pointed out that with the exception of my Mantis and Ctrl gis, I have never paid full retail price for a gi but have instead opted to check bjjhq vigilantly, troll Sherdog for coupon codes and hit the Black Friday sales.

Make sure you adhere to what Nicole said above. Brendan is the Founder of Gireviews. By day he is a elementary school teacher, by night, a jedi gi reviewer! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Guess I am pretty bad on the gi thing as well, not just for me but my son as well. I have had a Gracie Barra, Ronin Insignia, Ronin Fighter x2 first cut and second cut, second cut way better , and now.

American Stand Up. Oh yea I bought a A3 insignia to see if it would fit and ended up selling to my professor for a months worth of training. He loves it and it is in his regular rotation.

Tatami Fightwear - BJJ Clothing and Accessories - Tatami ...

My GB gi sucked never like anything about it, except that I did not have to patch it up. The Insignia is my second favorite as of right now, only been training about 10 months. The 2 fighter gis are good gis for what they are. The first cut was huge and I did not like it, the second cut was more athletic and I really like it the material is soft even after hang drying.

Confessions of a Gi Addict: Nicole Kirk

Probably get promoted around the first of the year and to celebrate I will be splurging on a new gi. Will figure it out when the time comes. What CTRL gi are you looking at? Haha, nothing wrong with higher end gis! Some of them are worth the money! Not a fan of Contract Killer? Gotta love it.