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I'm including my review to hopefully prevent someone else from being disappointed with the service of this company. We have tried to resolve these issues directly with the company but have not received satisfaction. I have heard the advertisements for years on a radio station I listen to that stands for integrity so I thought that would be applicable for their advertisers, but apparently not. I had also heard from others they had received good service, but after going back to those people after our experience they said that was a while ago and the last time they used them it wasn't the same level of customer service.

Perhaps things have changed. So, here is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of our experience: The Good: They did show up when promised and came back to fix some spots that surfaced after cleaning. After reading other reviews on this site, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky. The Bad: They say on their website that they use a special light to see pet stains. It turns out the technician just smells the carpet. They charge per gallon of pet cleaner therefore you have no way to know if that amount was really needed. In hind site, we may have been able to just replace the carpet and pad in that room for that much money.

The Ugly: In treating the pet smell, using the 8 gallons of pet treatment, the chemicals traveled over to the feet of an antique cedar chest about two feet away. The technician did not suggest putting the chest on the plastic squares they provide. The stain was completely eaten off about 1 inch up the legs. When the technician came out to treat the remaining stains in the living room, my husband showed him the damage on the cedar chest. The technician said he would turn it into clams and someone would call the next day to take care of it. Well, similar to what has been reported on many other reviews, no call.

My husband called four times in the first three weeks since treatment to get this resolved and was told every time that someone would call the next morning with no call. He was given the manager's direct line which he called and wasn't called back. When he received a survey from Zerorez he listed the issue and was called back the next morning and assured that someone would be sent out to repair the cedar chest right away. That has been two weeks ago with no one contacting us at all. I called their office a week ago and was told that the person who handles these claims was out of town on business last week and would call me on Monday when he returned.

Surprise, no call yesterday. I even placed a call to the corporate office in Utah which was just transferred to the local office. So, we have been attempting to deal with this damage for one day short of a month and are no closer to resolution. I could actually lay a new floor down for that amount.

Get real zerorez!!! I booked online and picked a time. I received an email confirming the time and then received a call that stated they had a conflict with the time and needed to do it earlier. Because my original technician did a great job and was very polite, I changed our plans with no issues. Then the NEW technician arrived this morning and came in to look at the rooms.

Before we move on, let me say I booked the special which stated 3 rooms plus hallway for free Special. Tech enters house and I inform him that I booked the special, 3 rooms plus hallway, and he starts to tell me that he only had 3 rooms down. So after I tell him about the special and what I booked, he says well maybe, there is a new special out. Then we go to the Master Bedroom where I have a California King and TV stand that takes up more than half the room but he says , well you have carpet in front of your sinks which is part of the bedroom and that will be extra.

I told him, the original tech said because my Bed and TV stand took up more than half the room, it was okay, no big deal. Then I have the second room which has a queen in it that takes up half the room and third room which has a twin bed in it that takes up room. Needless to say I told him not to move any furniture, to go around it but he still wanted to charge more.

Zerorez of Greenville Reviews - Greer, SC | Angie's List

No rooms were empty, go around beds and he wanted to charge for a small carpet area in Master Bedroom where sinks are. It felt like a bait and switch and this technician said he has only been with company for 6 months so maybe that explains it. It is very disappointing and I would understand if the rooms were empty but again, they were not.

Its more disappointing because we were so happy with our original technician and the job he did and he worked with us. So it needs to be said as good a job as was done last time, I can not recommend them if their new technicians are not up to par and if they act like a car salesman who offers a price and then throws in add one to make more profit.

But Austin, guy who answered phone, didn't seem to interested in helping so we'll see if the actual supervisor calls me back and chooses to make things right. And now waited on hold stating I was third caller down to next caller to third caller down to next caller to "Leave a message". My carpets were cleaned on Dec. After he finished stains remained.

The Technician returned a second time. The pet stains still remained. When I called to speak with the Supervisor Derek he told me he would get back to me and never did. When I called his Extension. Terrible company - bait and switch price quotes and poor service. All the great advertising is not backed up.

If I could leave less than one star I would. The gentleman that came was pleasant and kept us informed of his progress.

ZEROREZ Carpet Cleaning Job Seekers Also Viewed

He practiced basic customer satisfaction skills and went through the basic cleaning process. We had 5 room cleaned. There is no doubt the carpets are clean and smell fresh. Some spots might be lighter in appearance, but they are not gone. After 24 hours a couple spots appear more noticeable or actually smudged and enlarged. Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Sign in. Find Companies. Zerorez Employee Reviews Review this company.

Ratings by category. Showing all 72 reviews. Productive and steady workplace. Cleaned carpet, hardwood flooring, tile flooring, area rugs, and vehicle if needed. Provided great customer service with daily face-to-face interaction with clients. Was this review helpful? Zerorez customer service has a great atmosphere.

Working at the Zerorez call center has been a great job for me. The managers are kind and encouraging, and for the most part the customers are nice too. They just want their carpets cleaned and are happy you can help. Awful commission systems. Made little to no money because pay is strictly based off consumers reviews of your services. All work no pay. This was some hard work but it became easy. They measure you by unseen metrics therefor you never know what you get paid. The management did not judge you by work instead would give money routes to certain friend.

Expect to work 12 or more hours and during the winter expect little work. Good Place to start learning the aspects of carpet cleaning. Waste of my time. Only worked there very briefly. This place is a complete joke and they will lie directly to your face. I was threatened to be fired on my 5th day for taking too much initiative. They pay commission only but require you come in at am for a pointless hour long meeting. Do not work here. Great people. A lot of fun people, the hours are not standard and you never really know what your hours will be that day.

The people that work there are fun and nice! Awesome place to work. Paul Park, MN — January 11, Tagged: carpet cleaning , hot water extraction , professional steam cleaning , zero residue. Knowing this, how can they claim to be residue free? The question is — Which is worse? Or maybe the question should be — Who is more experienced, and who works harder to rinse out as much residue as possible?

Both of these methods offer VERY low residue cleaning when properly done. Hot water extraction has gotten a bad rap over the years because of the many inexperienced and unscrupulous cleaners out there that are more concerned about making a buck than providing a quality service for their customers. This site is designed to enlighten readers about the chemistry behind Zero Rez.

Comments and discussions are welcome and encouraged especially by knowledgable individuals on the discussion of the chemistry behind Zero Rez provided they are free of profanity, misleading information, derogatory statements or advertisements within comments. All other comments will be: deleted, spammed, or edited. Thanks for visiting! This seems very strange to me. It seems that something so extremely harmful as you are making it out to be, could not be drank????????? Because Dirtfree does the exact samething. For example we drink coke and coke is used sometimes to clean off batterie acid off of car batteries and we still drink it.

Zerorezs water eats though metal and if the owner wants to destroy his teeth and intestines then let him. Posted by Aaron Heath on July 4, at pm. The b water or alkaline water is not harmful and is drunk in many countries to help with stomach issues. They have home generators and its called back to origins if you want to look it up. Posted by carpetguru10 on July 6, at pm. Sodium hydroxide, the active ingredient in premicide A, is basic in nature and in very low concentrations makes a great antacid. Sodium carbonate is much safer option.

Hi Thank you for this article! Very timely as I was just going to call zerorez in my area this week to clean my carpets…. If it were your home what would you do? Thank you. Posted by carpetguru10 on February 1, at pm. It depends on what you are looking for. If your carpets are very dirty then find a reputable company using high powered truck mounted carpet cleaners and strong cleaning agents.

Be sure they thoroughly rinse carpets however. Posted by Janet Christian on February 3, at pm. I used Zerorez in my home — two large dogs and a husband who works in a shop, all track in a lot of dirt — and was absolutely shocked at how clean my carpets became after their cleaning. I am not one to promote a company or provide testimony, but honestly the results were amazing. Posted by dirtblasterscom-Ken on December 28, at pm.

I have had several jobs that I have had seen brown out on and I ask each time who cleaned it last and their response is always zeroRez. And also hear falsehoods stated in their advertising regarding being the only non-residue cleaner. I was cleaning with non-residual cleaners while their current crop technicians were still in diapers making stains on carpets. Zero truth in ZeroRez advertising. I used to work for ZEROREZ for a year and they train you to get a lot of saliva in your mouth before drinking to use the acidity in your saliva to reduce the alkalinity of their water AND to request ice from the customer saying that the water is too hot to drink from the wand and the ice will dilute the alkaline water as well!

You stall of course to give the ice time to melt as much as possible! Customers used to say to me how amazed they were that we were cleaning with just water! The pre-spray is a chemical and the carry bin they leave outside the front door while they are cleaning is FILLED with chemicals!! The best part of their system is their pre-spray! It is very volatile and strong! The bottom line is their high alkaline water is very dangerous and the trucks I used to drive had metal floors and the water would eat holes right through them!!

And everyone knows that using alkaline water with a PH over If it will eat through metal what do you think it could do to your stomach!!! I quit working for the company as soon as I found a better situation! Too much trickery and lies! At no time did they ever, ever do that. I left disgruntled because of the way the Corporate offices were going, so its not like I love the company…. But the cleaning process is nothing like you are describing.

I used the A and B water in my home to clean. I used the B water to clean my granite and most other things, and the A water to sanitize. I worked side by side with those who developed the system and machines to do it all. These claims you are making are total lies. I have been to the carpet manufactures, I have been to the labs back east that do all of the testing for carpet safety and consumer products.

They found the same results, safest method of cleaning for the carpet. Lye is not at all in this product. Just because something has the same chemical elements in its makeup does not make it the same thing. There was never, not once, a hole eaten in the floors of the trucks from the Water. They NEVER had technicians go through that nonsense of what you described of getting saliva in their mouth and using ice to dilute it. I may despise those who run the company, but the science and technology are safe and sound. Posted by carpetguru10 on October 20, at pm. Explain that one to me….

I think you are the victim of brainwashing. You should google the chemical makeup of lye by the way.

Professional and Friendly

And, if EAU technologies properly explains the process to manufacture premicide A and the chemical makeup of A water, why does zerorez not include this info when describing their seemingly magical water? A water is a sodium hydroxide solution which is byproduct of the chlor-alkali process and B water is a chlorine solution which is also a byproduct of the chlor-alkali process.

This process is how sodium hydroxide aka lye is manufactured electronically. Posted by Mike Tubbs on October 20, at pm. Go to a high school or college science teacher and show them what comes out of the generator chemically and ph wise and they will confirm that. I have been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years and have watched with amazement this company.

They are Master Advertisers and everything else is what it is. There is no way around it. It may not seem like lye, but chemically and ph wise it is exactly the same. The protectorant is about a 5, ph wise, and it helps neutralize the harshness of the cleaner and that way the customer pays for it!!!

I have no bones to pick with zerorez as they have allowed me to raise my prices to be in line with theirs. Thask zerorez!! But the rest of their b. Very well researched from an outside view. I would like to see what you think of the Empowered Water after using it. I can make a lot of assumptions about companies that are my competition that are affecting my business by finding tid bits of information online and then publishing hypotheticals.

Posted by carpetguru10 on August 18, at pm. Hi Nathan. The process the company uses is most likely the same process that chemical companies have used to make sodium hydroxide for years Chloralkali process. Hydrochloric acid is needed to break it down into water and sodium chloride. I have used weak solutions of sodium hydroxide many times in the past. Your claim that I am finding tid bits of information online and publishing hypotheticals is false. I went straight to the source to find my information. EAU Technologies the company zero rez buys generators from clearly states on their website that premicide B, the solution that zero rez uses, has sodium hydroxide as the active ingredient.

What else can I say? Well, do they explain that perhaps the sodium Hydroxide is what causes your carpet to turn brown or rust colored when water comes in contact with it — post their clearning efforts?? We just had ZeroRes clean our carpets recently. I will share that the serviceman who came was professional and hard working. I was very impressed with that. Still, because we wanted to ensure we lifted any bit of it, as we would in the past, and knowing not to use any soap, we pour just plain clear tap water on that tiny about 1 inch big spot, as well as around a bit larger of a circumference.

We took a clean, cotton, white hand towel and then firmly pressed to absorb the water. It looked fine — just wet — for quite a while…until it started to dry. At that point, the entire area that we had wet with the plain water was a tea-color stain! My husband then saw it before I could explain what happened, and and thinking maybe someone spilled something, he then repeated the water process…. He patted it down to absorb the water. It looked fine. Then, when THAT dried, the same thing happened!

IN the past, this is ALWAYS how we blotted up any spills of any kind and it always worked beautifully — no after staining or evidence of any issue. I can assure you that this is NOT the case…. I will talk to ZeroRes more about this and they will have to take responsibility if this also happens in the other room that they cleaned!

Posted by carpetguru10 on December 30, at pm. Your browning condition is most likely caused by a ph imbalance in combination with a couple of other things. This is accomplished by using an acid rinsing method or by applying an acidic post spray after cleaning. The pre-spray and the rinsing agent Zero Rez use result in a alkaline ph, leaving your carpets on the wrong side of the ph scale.

I used to work for Stanley Steemer many years ago and they had very similar issues that were attributed to the end ph of the carpets. Three factors must be present for cellulosic browning to occur: 1 A cellulosic fiber must be present; 2 It must be overwet; 3 It must dry slowly. If the moisture that is present is alkaline in nature, then the resulting discolorations will be more severe.

It sounds like you have met the conditions stated. Your carpet probably has a cellulosic fiber jute, cotton , you over wet it with water, and it must have dried slowly. The ph imbalance which zero Rez created has exacerbated the condition. You may be able to remedy this situation by using a professional carpet cleaner that uses an acid rinsing method on a regular basis every months. Place a fan pointing on the wet spot afterwards. Your brown out as they call it has nothing to do with Zerorez.

I has everything to do with the fact that the carpet was to wet for to long. This mans article does not give you all the facts. Fact-Zerorez has cut ties with EAU because of there poor customer service, and lack of communication. Zerorez was making them a lot of money until the Franchise decided to go with another company to provide the B generator. This man fails to tell you that this water was originally produced for human consumption by the Japanese.

So his corrosive and man made chemical take is just crap. The machine made by the Japanese is called Kangen Water so yes you can drink the water. Another thing he failed to mention is the fact that the water is a surfactant; the molecular change that occurs actually lowers the surface tension of the water because it now lacks the Hydrogen bond molecule the H in H2O.

Here is the kicker the water has to be electrical charged for any of this to happen and because of the charge is why it is so effective, because when the water hits your carpet it breaks down the soil, dirt etc, and then it begins to neutralize it self to a lower PH because it loses its charge. Every carpet cleaner gets rated from scientific test that the carpet and rug institute perform. The rating are bronze, gold and platinum but what I cant disclose is the level of platinum rating that Zerorez receives.

What I can tell you is that it is far above any other cleaner that participates in this testing. Posted by carpetguru10 on March 1, at pm. Sodium hydroxide when mixed with a petrochemicals or oleochemicals becomes a surfactant. Sodium hydroxide alone is not a surfactant.

Surfactants are what zero Rez claim are the reason detergents are bad for your carpets. I hope you are not speaking on behalf of zero Rez…. And yes sodium hydroxide is a great saponifier, an excellent product for breaking down oils and creating soap. Please show me proof that zero Rez water is self neutralizing.

I would love to see your explanation. Ratings by the carpet and rug institute are bought. You have to pay thousands of dollars for the testing. Do you think the carpet and rug institute is going to turn down a cleaning system from a customer with that large amount of money invested? The fact that sodium hydroxide a man made chemical rinse water is combining with oils in the carpet to form soap is of huge huge concern to me, hopefully it is of great concern to the carpet and rug institute. My hunch is that zero Rez has the high rating most likely due to the quality of cleaning equipment used, which I give them credit for.

I am not scaring people into thinking that zero Rez is bad. I have offered, to the best of my knowledge, scientific evidence that 1 system is no better than the other provided they are done by highly skilled technicians with high quality equipment. That fact is we do not use anything harsher then salt water. You are incorrect! Salt water is used in combination with an electrical charge from an electrode to convert salt water into sodium hydroxide. You should definitely question your sources. Zero did not create this process. Posted by Aaron Heath on July 10, at am.

How am I incorrect. If we were producing the level need to be as harsh as you claim it would be dangerous to have in ones home. The issue I have with your information is that you are basing this on practices that are not used by zerorez. Yes can you up the voltage and increase the parts per million and the amount of Sodium hydroxide. But Zerorez does not use high level voltage. In the water making process.

At our current levels our water is no more dangerous then salt water found in the ocean. Sodium Hydroxide is no exception. Posted by EmosoksZere on November 1, at am. I often try out to find the best way cleaning my carpets. I discovered out that steam cleansing is among the most effective cleansing approaches for that most carpets. I figured they added that descriptor because of complaints that their ads strongly implied that the water used was untainted. You have confirmed my suspicion. Posted by carpetguru10 on February 5, at pm. This article would indicate that you are correct.

If this is true, then yes some soap made by combining sodium hydroxide and oils originally found in the carpet. Posted by S. Whitmore on February 13, at pm. Very interesting, thanks for providing some insight into the actual process that is murkily presented to the public with their woo-woo marketing style. I own a small carpet cleaning company out of Atlanta and my customers ask me about zerorez all the time. I love this article and will share this with other carpet cleaners so they know zerorez is not a big deal, they just dish out alot of money for advertising.

If it does not work then why have they become so big in Atlanta area? I work near their office and they have doubled in size each year for like three years now! Posted by SuperSteem on June 3, at pm. Well any company that has the advertising budget to be on every radio station should grow.

I mean they are shoved down your throat every day. So of course people will think it is something special. Lets be honest people in general are gullible. Zerorez is required to spend up to 10k monthly on local advertising according to their franchise agreement. Always be wary and ask questions. Now the whole place reeks of mildew and covered in browning. Is he better? Posted by ChemFree Gal on July 26, at pm. Or, maybe this is what they are putting in their empowered water? Just wondering where you got your information? Posted by ChemFree Gal on October 7, at am.

Posted by Zerorez Minnesota on August 14, at pm. Primacide B is an extremely effective saponifier and cleaning fluid with some anti-microbial properties. Primacide B is used as a replacement for phosphate based surfactants and cleaners. The solution is as effective as the toxic chemical cleaners commonly used in the industry, yet it leaves no film residue associated with chemical detergents. EAU has the ability to create various levels of efficacy depending on the customers needs. Through the electrolysis process Sodium Hydroxide NaOH is created when the salt solution comes in contact with specially coated electrodes.

The Na from the salt migrates to the negative side of the chamber. Those Na ions combine with water molecules split during the electrolysis process to create NaOH. NaOH is scientifically and commercially recognized as a very effective cleaning agent. Posted by carpetguru10 on August 14, at pm. Thank you for your feedback!

Zerorez Employee Reviews

My research has lead me to believe that the only way that Premicide B can saponify is if it comes into contact with residual oils in carpets and textile fabrics. When these oils come into contact with sodium hydroxide, they form a very crude form of bar soap. Bar soap, when combined with water, is known for leaving soap scum in showers that is very hard to clean. Detergents, on the other hand, do not have this undesirable reaction. I would imagine that soaps and detergents have similar effects on carpets and textile fabrics. There are many natural, safe and biodegradable options available today.

They are a marketing company not true carpet cleaners! Bottom line is if you clean with just their water it will NOT thoroughly clean the carpet! I tested this on many jobs when I worked there and it was confirmed every time! And there are other issues when using alkaline water with a PH of It will destroy the inside of your machine! You would have to completely rebuild it to sell!

The water eats through the metal covered floors in their big trucks too! Imagine what it would do to your stomach if you drank much of it!! Wow…u guys are so smart. Its amazing how a little bit of half information and assunptions have lead you to such a deliriously convaluted conclusion. Good work and keep up that amazing rationalizing boys. Please, give me scientific evidence that supports your side of the story.

I see you are the owner of a zero rez email. I would love scientific facts to back up your claims. Look forward to hearing from you. I thought this might be a non-biased article when you mentioned that you are going to state the facts and let us decide for ourselves.

But after reading your article and seeing your responses, I can see that you are certainly biased against Zerorez. Because of that, I have made up my mind on who to call. My next carpet cleaning will be from Zerorez! Posted by pacific steam carpet cleaning on August 20, at pm. Yes indeed this article brought up a few very valid points and something to really consider.

Thanks for the info. Hey guys I work for zerorez and I also worked for many other carpet cleaners in the past ,I know first hand that the empowered water works. For a moderately dirty home the water is affective like anything else in this industry theirs always someone trying to build a better mouse trap the key to any big company is es marketing the more money you but in to it the more you will get out of it. Posted by carpetguru10 on November 2, at am. Thanks for the input!

I do agree, Empowered Water, containing sodium hydroxide, is an excellent catalyst for enzyme cleaners. Many detergents today have a builder like sodium hydroxide, a surfactant, chelating agent, and enzymes to help break down oils from animals fur. I do have a question. What do you guys end up using when you come across a house that is heavily soiled by animals oils?

But there hands are tied just letting you know that not all of the techs at zerorez are in the dark about the right way to clean. My self on the other hand use fiber rinse agent or acid post sprays to knock down reisdue from most pre spray cleaners. Posted by Kassy on November 8, at am. I only wish you knew what I know. I have tried to comment before but it is just taken off.

Sorry dude. Posted by carpetguru10 on November 8, at pm. Your posts were most likely discarded by the auto-spam system. I would like to hear anything and all information you have. I am a professional carpet cleaner and get asked the question, what do you know about Zerorez?

My reply not a lot I know they use an extraction process…. So thanks for the information. I have had one customer tell me they would never use them again because after the carpet dried it felt sticky, would that just be a poor technicians work? Posted by carpetguru10 on November 30, at pm. Hi John and thanks for the comment. There could be many reasons why the carpet would be sticky after the carpet dried. If you will read earlier comments on my board, it sounds like zerorez sometimes uses products other than empowered water.

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This could be the sticky residue they are feeling. In short, yes I would say the main reason would be operator error, not fully extracting residues. I got smarter and asked for a first-in-the-morning appointment. That is complete BS. Their pricing is high because of heavy advertizing. I used zero res for the first time and am highly disappointed. First, they told me I needed the more expensive pre-treat, so the carpets ended costing me more, even with their promos then other cleaners. That wouldnt have been so bad if my carpets looked good afterwards.

But they were crunchy and stiff, the few minor stains did not come up, and basically they just looked like crap! Anyone else have a similar experience with the stiff and crunchy texture on carpets? What would have caused this? This was my experience: Light beige carpet, no pets, three adults and we seldom wear shoes in the house. We had some high-traffic walk areas and the normal wear of the carpet, but that was the selling point of Zerorez.

The gentleman came out, and he answered all my questions and asked about my concerns. When he finished, the carpet looked okay, but not great. After the carpet had completely dried, the walk area did not look clean and the overall appearance of the carpet did not impress me; vacuuming gives us the same result. I called the office and arranged to have someone come back out, and they did; however, again, after the carpet dried, it was the same. If you have a steam cleaner, and we do, use it, and save your money.

Need some help here! My sick dog has been vomiting dark yellow bile all over my light beige carpet and now need a professional carpet cleaner. Have used Stanley Steemer and Dalworth over the years for her pee, etc. What do I do now? Any suggestions? Dog has died now and need to clean the carpet thoroughly. Appreciate some advice!!!